The Sims 4’s Neighborhood Stories gives free will to other Sims

On Tuesday, Maxis announced a big change that’s on the way in an upcoming update. It’s a new feature called Neighborhood Stories, introducing gameplay moments that happen to Sims outside of the player’s control. It’s similar to an existing feature called Neighborhood Stories. The Sims 3. named Story Progression. When you’re not watching, neighbor Sims will live their own lives. The Sims may decide to change careers, have children, or get divorced from their spouse. Neighborhood Stories will soon be published. Sims 4 on Nov. 30, 2021.

Neighborhood Stories will start with a limited number of Sims. The feature will be focused on a few life changes for Sims in your character’s immediate vicinity, like colleagues or bar buddies. In the future, more Sims will be affected, and they’ll make more decisions without the player’s input. You still have control over how the game develops. You can either call Neighbor Sims who have a problem or point them in the right direction to help them make a decision.

This adds some fun opportunities to be a good neighbor — or to inflict chaos on everyone around you. It’s possible to be a matchmaker, encouraging like-minded people together. Or you could break up relationships and seize the opportunity to meet the single Sim. You can also get new Aspirations, such as Neighborhood Confidante for people who love to help others and Villainous Valentine if you prefer the drama of a split-up.

Maxis will continue updating the system with Neighborhood Stories, and Maxis will include them in a free update that will take place on November 30. We may be able to see wild Sims’ stories in this first update.

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