The Shapeshifter is an upcoming (and terrifying) addition to Among Us

Innersloth revealed an incredibly terrifying trick Impostors are going to use in the coming weeks The Usup-date Impostors now have the option to play the Shapeshifter role. The UsRoles will be assigned to the Crewmate team. Crewmates will have plenty to do with Shapeshifter joining their ranks.

Shapeshifter: The Shapeshifter has the ability to transform by pulling up a list of all existing Crewmates. A Shapeshifter has the ability to assume their identity, such as their name, color and cosmetics. This only lasts for a brief period of time, and it takes a moment to shapeshift, so you have to play things carefully or everyone will see you trying to wear a buddy’s face. Also, shapeshifting leaves behind evidence so that keen-eyed detectives will be able to spot any deceit.

It is a great way to smuggle your friends around and create chaos in the lobby. The Crew can also disguise themselves after they commit a terrible crime and confuse them before they catch the Impostors. Crewmates are going to want to keep an eye on their friends, and think very carefully about whether the bean they’re approaching is a trusted ally or deadly chameleon.

The Shapeshifter’s custom options will allow players to modify many aspects of the game. Innersloth shared additional details in the developer’s blog:

Probability In the game lobby settings, you’ll be able to change the number and chance of an Impostor to have the Shapeshift ability. It is possible to completely disable the possibility of the Shapeshift ability.

E.g. There are 2 Shapeshifters with 30% of the chance that a role as a Shapeshifter will be available

Time for Shapeshift:After they have changed, how long does an Impostor stay mute?

Take Shapeshifting Evidence with You If there’s any evidence that the shapeshifter left a room in which to morph after the Impostor.

Innersloth is planning an event in which developers will discuss the state of their project. The UsThe next update is still in development. We’ll likely get a look at the new roles for Crewmates, which will help them battle off those sneaky Impostors.

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