The Making Of Humanity, 2023’s Best Puzzle Game

We spent some time earlier this year with the teams of tha Ltd. and Enhance Experience (the creative team behind Humanity) to create a documentary about the development of the game.

Humanity may appear to be a game of puzzles about leading people towards a common goal. However, it is more than that. It is also a story which explores the meaning of being human, what groups are, and why violence seems to always come into play. Humanity’s plot reflects current events and shows us where we are.

The Documentary You Must Watch:

Tetsuya Mizauchi, CEO and founder of Enhance tells us that “soon after Humanity was released, there were a lot of events and movements around the globe.” There were protests in Hong Kong, human rights movements. [and]Then came the pandemic. Ukraine was soon engulfed in war. Nous ne savions pas how AI was going to infiltrate into our society. These things are all part of the Humanity. This question for instance, “What is humanity?” What is the human nature? We used to talk about people being good when they are viewed as an individual. Many wonderful people exist. When they come together as a country, or group or large groups at this level, then something changes. As if a new switch was flipped. What you see is the Humanity we are trying to show.

View above or on Game Informer YouTube channel to see the full documentary about the making of Humanity. The documentary “Violence is Inevitable”, which features Mizuguchi, Yugo Nakamura and other members of the core team, speaks with them about how the film came to be, the challenges it faced, the long development process, and the way in which the final product reveals the true nature of mankind.


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