The Dragon Prince season 4: new trailer ages everyone up

A new trailer for The Dragon Prince’s fourth season showcases more of the high-stakes fantasy action — and the time skip.

We’ve long known that there will be a two-year time jump in this new season, which corresponds with the real-life gap between seasons. Last season The Dragon PrinceNetflix launched the Netflix series in 2019. The characters now are slightly older. Callum, the step-prince of the kingdom is now the High Mage while Callum’s little brother takes the throne. In the meantime, Rayla, Elf assassin, has left the human race in pursuit of the villain.

He has been missing for two years. Claudia, his daughter has resurrected her father with help from Aavaros Startouch Elf. In fact, this new arc, which will span multiple seasons, is all about Aavaros’s quest to control Xadia. Dun dun dun…

The Dragon PrinceNetflix will be back in November

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