The Developers Behind Sonic Mania Are Working On An Original 3D Platformer

Evening Star, a team made up of developers responsible for Sonic Mania, has announced it’s working on an original 3D platformer. It’ll be the debut title for the studio, which formed in 2018 and is led by creative director and Sonic Mania’s marquee designer, Christian Whitehead.

There are only a few small clues as to what the game entails. The blog announcement gives one clue: a silhouette. This suggests that the character is shorter and has a long tail. It may have a bow, or a heavier object. It could also be just a yo–yo as many users suggest. The game is being made using the studio’s proprietary Star Engine, which the team says specializes in rendering non-realistic, stylized 3D games. It doesn’t matter what platformer it might be, the game is still in its early stages of development. There are job openings on the team for 3D Artists and Engine Programmers as well as Gameplay Programmers, Level Designers, and Gameplay Developers. Evening Star also states it’s looking for a publisher. 

Sonic Mania was released by Whitehead and his team in 2017. It has been hailed as one of the most exciting Sonic games in recent years. (Check out our review). The idea of any follow-up from the people responsible would be exciting given that game’s quality, but a 3D platformer sounds especially fitting. This game will continue to develop over the next months and years. It’ll be exciting.

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