The best Halloween horror movies and specials to watch in 2022

What could be better than Halloween season

Yes, we do cover horror all year round at Polygon. Our rolling list of horror films you can see at home, and those on Netflix are all available to view. These lists are constantly updated throughout the year.

For horror enthusiasts who enjoy Halloween all year round, it is still a memorable time.

Polygon’s Halloween Countdown Calendar has been available for two years. It features a Halloween-friendly TV or movie that you can watch every day in October. We’re delighted to bring that back once again, with 31 spooky selections to keep the mood going all month long.

Every day for the entire month of October, we’ll add a new recommendation to this Countdown and tell you where you can watch it. Grab some popcorn and curl up on the sofa for terrifyingly entertaining Halloween surprises.

1. October 1999 Audition

A woman in a white shirt with black gloves prepares a deadly syringe in Takashi Miike’s Audition

Image by Arrow Films

Audition, Takashi Miike’s 1999 psychological horror-thriller, love is a consensual fiction. Shigeharu is asked by his son, years after he lost his wife due to a terminal disease. He wants to find someone again and get out there in the world. Aoyama is offered by his friend, who happens to be a producer of film, the opportunity to participate in an audition for a movie that has never been made in order to identify a possible bride. Asami Yamazaki (a gorgeous former ballerina, with a complicated past) is ultimately what he finds.

As Aoyama grows closer to his new love interest, he finds himself caught deeper and deeper in a web of intrigue that threatens to tear him apart emotionally, psychologically, and yes — even physically. Asami has a dark side, and Aoyama may have a darker side. Asami is the only one who has taken that darkness on her shoulders and made it hers.

Miike’s film holds its cards relatively close to its chest for most of its run time, unspooling its tightly wound mystery like garrote wire before peeling back its skin of meet-cute artifice to reveal a pulsing mass of horrors roiling beneath. Miike’s film plunges into a dark, distorted state, filled with assumptions, misdirections and cinematic sleights. The movie is full of dreams that almost feel real, juxtaposed against an unreal reality. These are only words at the end. You can only trust pain. —TE

Audition It is streamable on Arrow Video, Hi-Yah! and Kanopy for free, with advertisements on Tubi and free on Kanopy if you have a library card. This is also available digitally for rental and purchase. Vudu Apple.

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