The Batman movie, The Witcher, and Loki all halt production due to coronavirus pandemic

Several movie and television productions are happening
hiatus thanks to ongoing concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, including The
Batman, The Witcher season 2, and, therefore, the Loki Disney Plus series.

Warner Bros. and Marvel both chose to pack up The Batman movie and Loki respectively for two weeks. Variety is reporting that it’s unclear at this moment on whether it affects the former’s 2021 release date, while Deadline also confirms that fellow Marvel Phase 4 TV shows, WandaVision and Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier, won’t continue production either for the nonce.

The Batman has recently stepped up its movie teasers, including official shots of the Batmobile, plus an all-too-brief checkout Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit.

The Witcher production is additionally taking steps against
the COVID-19 pandemic, shuttering on-location filming in England until the top
of the month (via The Wrap).

The latest wave of shutdowns adds to the ever-growing list
of these suffering from the coronavirus and, therefore, the increased
likelihood of quarantine measures being put in situ across the world.

Stranger Things season 4 (alongside dozens of other Netflix
shows and movies), won’t be filming, nor will several live-action Disney
projects, including MCU newcomer Shang-Chi.

Elsewhere, the likes of No Time to Die and Fast and Furious nine are delayed, while A Quiet Place Part 2 and Mulan are pulled and given indefinite release dates just weeks before they were thanks to showing in cinemas.

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