Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are making their own Disney characters

Sora is the last character in the ranks. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s On Monday, a huge roster joined the fight. And although references to Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse have been cut from the game (with the exception of the Mickey Mouse trinket on Sora’s Keyblade), fans have stepped in by creating their own versions of Disney characters to accompany the newest fighter.

Sora comes from Kingdom Hearts. This series of JRPGs was created by Square Enix. It sends Sora along with his friends on an adventure that will change the way you think. Smash didn’t make it for Sora. So, some fans devised a clever way for their heroes to be added.

Super Smash Bros. UltimateBy turning an existing Mii into fighter, you can make custom fighters. People have made a number of Miis based on traditional concepts. Kingdom HeartsCharacters like Woody and Mickey Mouse are available. Toy Story.

Here’s a version of WoodyThis isn’t just a strangely large creature, it will haunt you.

This is a Twitter account. user jokes that “Michael Mice,” has been added to the game. That’s very nice! I’ve been waiting for him to join for forever.

Aside from creating knockoffs of their favorite characters, retro shooters have allowed players to joke about Duck Hunt the duck hunter. Duck Hunt, is actually the closest we’ll get to having Donald Duck and Goofy in the game. Many fans have drawn fan art of Duck Hunt that puts the fighter into Donald Duck’s and Goofy’s outfits.

This is the Duck Hunt version with an added bonus color scheme inspired by GoofyDonald too.

Even the Smash Bros. Japan Twitter account posted images of Sora with the two

These are very informal ways of adding characters to the story, but they don’t work well for everyone. Ultimate modding scene is pretty robust — people created mods to add Mickey months ago, ironically enough, using his model from Kingdom Hearts 3This is a. So while we don’t have any of these characters officially, fans have found more than enough ways to fill the gaps.

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