Summon the Spirit of Retro Shooters in Prodeus


  • Prodeus1.0 now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, and with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.
  • You can paint the walls red using a traditional first-person shooter. This was reimagined with modern rendering techniques.
  • FPS veterans have designed this campaign, as well as co-op or PvP modes and community-made map designs.

You are looking for pure FPS chaos, but with modern flare? The officially official version 1.0 of Bounding Box Software’s brutal, bombastic boomer shooter ProdeusS and Windows 10/11. Also available with Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.|S, Windows 10/11, and with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass!

Launched in March 2019, and kicked off in April 2019. Prodeus channels the spirit of first-person shooters of old — think shotguns, blue keycards, deathmatch arenas, and legendary LAN parties — and infuses it with a jolt of modern technology.

Prodeus Screenshot

This means a mix of retro rendering techniques and high-quality 3D art, as well as lots of visual effects. You will see explosions of high-tech particle effects, lo-fi pixels, and hi-tech particles as your battle with the Prodeans or forces of Chaos. Blood and gore pour onto the wall thanks to a charmingly bizarre dismemberment mechanism.

ProdeusThis campaign is handcrafted by FPS industry veterans and features multiplayer drawing on traditional modes. The campaign can be played solo, or with four players in co-op. You also have the option to participate in 16-player Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch as well as CTF.

Prodeus Screenshot

PC players can take things to the next level by making their own maps using the game’s easy-to-use editor — then upload them to be discovered in the community map browser, where both PC and Xbox players can find some new fragging grounds. (There are already some sick levels out there, too, since people have been forging maps since prior to today’s v1.0 release.)

And of course, as with any good Boomer Shooter with abominable monsters from unspeakable places, the game also features an appropriately metal soundtrack — this one from retro FPS composer Andrew Hulshult — that dynamically changes gears to accompany your shotgun blasts and rocket fire.

Prodeus Screenshot

Take a look at the Prodeus page on the Humble Games website for all the gory details — or just grab your shotgun, crank up the volume, and spatter the steel walls and alien halls in Prodeus today!

Prodeus (Game Preview)

Xbox Live

Preview of Prodeus

Humble Games


It is still in the development phase. This game may change in the future or be released as a finished product. You should only purchase the final version of the game.

Prodeus, an old first-person shooter has been reimagined with modern rendering techniques. While it achieves the AAA quality experience, the game also keeps within the technical limitations of older hardware.

This game includes a custom-crafted campaign by industry FPS veterans and an integrated level editor. It also features a built in community map browser to provide instantaneous action, with almost unlimited levels.

You’re about to redecorate the walls. This is the Boomer Shooter you’ve been waiting for.

This is our Art Style
Mix of 3D art with retro rendering techniques to create an aesthetic blend
Explosions! – Over the Top Visual Effects Blood! Gore! O My!
A satisfyingly gory system of dismemberment and infinite blood

Engaging combat scenarios with visceral emotions
Heavy-duty weapons
Andrew Hulshult provides a dynamic, heavy metal soundtrack
You have a lot of hidden secrets to uncover

Browser with built-in community maps
Editors of advanced but simple to use
Online high scores support is available for tons of game and difficulty modes

The Team
Prodeus was developed by Jason Mojica, Michael Voeller, and Jason Mojica from Bounding Box Software. They have combined experience of 25 years in FPS programming and talented freelance designers and artists.

Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at

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