Stranger Of Paradise Gets March Release Date, New Trailer, And Second Demo

Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show presentation provided a chaotic new look at Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. A beefy new trailer delivered confirmation that Team Ninja’s wacky spin-off/prequel to Final Fantasy 1 arrives on March 18.

The new trailer shows off more the game’s action-heavy combat as Jack and his fellow warriors of light, Ash and Jed, are joined by a new party member named Neon. Foursome are out on a mission to destroy Chaos. They use a combination of melee attacks and magic to achieve their goals. Today’s trailer provided additional story teases and revealed some of the strange personalities you’ll encounter during your journey. One is a pirate. In addition to today’s video, Square Enix is planning a dedicated Stranger or Paradise livestream for October 2.

For Xbox Series SX/S, a new demo playable is now available. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Version 2 serves as an expansion of the first demo, adding a new stage and tossing Neon into the group. You can also sample an expanded roster of jobs and try out the game’s multiplayer for the first time. On October 11, Trial Version 2 ends. Hopefully, this demo has an easier launch than the last one did. 

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4 via Epic Games Store. All PS4 owners will receive free gameplay and visual enhancements when they purchase the PS4 edition. Smart Delivery can be used by Xbox gamers to receive an optimal copy of the game. 

Digital Deluxe Editions include a digital music, a mini soundtrack and a Season Pass to three DLC missions in the future: Trials of the Dragon King (Wanderer of the Rift), Different Future (Trials of the Dragon King) and Different Future (Wanderer of the Rift). Pre-orders of the Digital Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition will get the complete game within 72 hours. You’ll also gain the Braveheart and Rebellion weapons, the Lustrous Shield, and a PS4 theme.

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