Steam’s Scream deal event is discounting so many scary PC games

This time of year is marked by a greater amount of darkness, which allows you to play spooky games in a dark, moody environment. If you need some activities to fright and delight you, check out Steam’s Scream sale that discounts tons of games — some of which aren’t so scary, actually. Marvel’s Spider-Man RemasteredEnjoy 40% discount on all Games

Steam Scream: The Revenge’s homepage curates some of the most popular scary games that are discounted, which I consider to be a favor that saves me from sorting through Steam’s humongous catalog. You can also sort by top sellers and by most-downloaded demos, which is where you’ll find the demo for the PS1 Silent Hill-inspired Crow Country.

You can still find a huge number of titles to browse through, even after some curation. If you simply want some recs, we’ve got some for you below.

Three cards lie on a wooden table: one labeled worker ant, one labeled cockroach, and one labeled Jasmine.

Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

The InscryptionThe price is now $9.99. Don’t let the fact that it’s a card game scare you away. This title pulls off feats I didn’t think were possible in games, with multiple sections that completely upend expectations.

alien isolation save spot

Alien IsolationIt’s $13.59, (was $39.99). Confession time: I haven’t beaten this game, but it’s not for a lack of trying. What starts out as a chill exploration game turns into a first-person survival game where I’m afraid to take a step — let alone breathe in real life. It’s some of the most effective suspense I’ve experienced in a game.

Image: Airdorf Games, New Blood Interactive

FAITH – The Trinity of the UnholyWas $14.99, now $10.49 Less is more when it comes to terror. This title’s subdued presentation uses an 8-bit look with haunting drawings to tell its tale of psychological horror.

A blue-skinned, suit-wearing man with a shotgun aims it at a pale redhead woman, facing away from him with her hands up. In the background, there’s a huge pile of junk and garbage

Capcom Image via Polygon

Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectiveIt is now only $19.79, down from $29.99. You should know that not all ghost games are terrifying. A few games are actually a bit goofy. This recent remaster of Capcom’s cult classic on the Nintendo DS has a clever, puzzle-dense gameplay hook and amazing music.


Hunt: The ShowdownIt’s now $29.99, down from $39.99. This is the co-op PvPvE multiplayer game that my friends still can’t quit. This game has dozens of participants load in a bayou environment inhabited by AI opponents. It’s a race to kill the AI bosses, take their loot and get out. It is constantly updating the game with weapons, cosmetics, and characters. In case you’ve wondered what Crytek, makers of CrysisThis gorgeous FPS multiplayer title is being maintained and improved.

a woman floats in an office, with debris flying everywhere around her

Remedy Entertainment/505 Games

Control: Ultimate EditionIt’s only $9 (was $39.99). Scary? It’s not scary, but there are definitely some eerie moments. Remedy Entertainment’s third-person masterpiece has supernatural nods to The X-FilesThe following are some examples of how to get started: Twin PeaksBut you still should try it, even if the TV series you watch don’t mean anything to you. It’s so fun to gain physics altering abilities.

A Licker enemy attacks a knife-wielding Claire Redfield in a screenshot of the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Resident Evil 2Originally $39.99 for $9.99. I’m not sure who still needs to hear this, but don’t sleep on Capcom’s stunning 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. Whether you’re experiencing it before or after you play its RE4 remake (which is $39.59 during the sale), this game’s different enough — and very good on its own — to warrant a playthrough for Halloween.

Want something that’s free? We get you. Visit the Epic Games Store to get your free copy The Evil Within 2.This Thursday, Nov. 2, through the following day.

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