Steam Deck OLED: How much is it, and should I upgrade?

Valve’s Steam Deck OLED offers much more than simply a larger screen. The Steam Deck OLED has many improvements over its original version, from faster WiFI to a larger battery. All of that being said, it isn’t advertised as a successor, and it’s no more powerful at running games than any other Steam Deck. It’s simply a premium alternative, like the Nintendo Switch OLED is to the regular Switch. Our full review for the Steam Deck is available.

Whether you’re someone who already has a Steam Deck or someone who hasn’t yet purchased one, we made this guide to answer some questions you might have.

What is the price of a new Steam Deck OLED display?

Valve will continue to sell the Steam Deck OLED through Steam. In Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, it’s available through Komodo.

Photographs of the Steam Deck OLED, and of its hard zip-up case. Each photo is taken with the handheld sitting on a hot pink sheet of thick paper.

The Steam Deck Original LCD (bottom right), with the anti-glare display, as well as Steam Deck OLED.
Amelia Holowaty Krales/Polygon

What’s the price difference between the Steam Deck OLED and the LCD model?

This Steam Deck OLED comes in at $549. The 512GB storage is included. Original Steam Decks start at $349 with a 64GB configuration. It’s even more thrilling that the 256GB model is only $50 extra. Here’s the complete pricing breakdown:

  • Buy the Steam Deck 64GB LCD for $349
  • The 256GB Steam Deck LCD costs $399
  • Buy the Steam Deck LCD for $449.
  • Buy the Steam Deck OLED for $549.
  • 649 dollars for the Steam Deck 1 TB OLED.
  • 679 dollars for the limited edition 1 TB OLED Steam Deck (includes updated cases)

Ooh, what’s this about a limited edition Steam Deck OLED?

The limited edition Steam Deck OLED will cost $679 in North America and Canada. It comes with 1 TB of storage, and it’s clad in a smoky gray translucent shell, with red detailing around the sticks and some of the buttons. The updated case has an exclusive print on the interior.

A photo of the rear air intake of the limited edition Steam Deck OLED, revealing its red design.


Steam Deck original is the same price now as Nintendo Switch OLED

I’m sure that was intentional!

Steam Deck OLED – Is it faster than original Steam Deck?

No. According to Valve, optimizations have been made to the Steam Deck OLED’s memory and AMD APU that improve power efficiency and boost the speed at which it can resume suspended games. The performance goal is the same as for the original.

OLED, is that really so cool?

You’re right. Assuming you haven’t witnessed an OLED screen before (most high-end phones have them these days), using one can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of games. OLEDs are able to display environments in pixel-perfect detail, with blacks and shadows darker than ever before, as well as colors that seem to pop out of the screen. The viewing angles of LCDs are also much better, as they have a larger sweet spot to see the best colors on the screen.

OLED isn’t just for looks; it has big power efficiency benefits, too. Alongside the Steam Deck OLED’s slightly larger battery, the OLED screen plays a central role in boosting this model’s longevity by up to 50% in some games.

A person holding the Steam Deck OLED, which is playing Dave the Diver. Ironically, the person holding the console is in a pool, thematically aligning with the fact that you’re in water in the game.


What if you already own a Steam Deck and want to upgrade?

That’s for you to decide, ultimately. Many find it most cost-effective to keep the equipment they already have. Perhaps my colleague Chris Plante’s review will help you decide where you’ll land.

Need new accessories or clothing?

Nope! Steam Deck OLED is the same size as original Steam Deck but 30 grams lighter. Basically, you will be able to use every Steam Deck accessory we have recommended in our guide.

What is the status of Steam Deck support or discontinuation?

Nope. Valve told Polygon the update to SteamOS will be beneficial for both consoles.

Has the Steam Deck OLED a slot for a faster MicroSD card?

Nope. No changes. This model still has the UHS-1 slot. This model has the same USB-C slot.

A close-up of the joystick and buttons of Steam Deck OLED


This model is also different in other ways.

Actually, quite a bit. Their Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth chips have been upgraded. It supports Wi-Fi 6E which increases game download speed by three times if you use a router that is Wi-Fi 6E or 6 compatible. One Bluetooth upgrade I’m excited about is the ability to wake the Steam Deck OLED with a wireless Bluetooth controller.

The haptics have a more lively feel, similar to those I expect on high-end smartphone. Valve’s redesigned thumbsticks have a much grippier center than before. Unlike the original model, my thumbs don’t slide around on the new sticks during use.

Photographs of the Steam Deck OLED, and of its hard zip-up case. Each photo is taken with the handheld sitting on a hot pink sheet of thick paper.

Amelia Holowaty Krales/Polygon

What’s new with the zip-up Case?

Gladly. The hard zip-up cases that came with the Steam Deck were good but heavy, didn’t they? Valve’s new version of the case that comes with the 1 TB model includes both a hard zip-up case and one with a slimmer profile within it. All you have to do is detach the inner layer’s Velcro, then you’re left with something that’ll be much easier to carry on trips.

Does this model support parts that can be serviced by the user?

Yep! But that’s far from the biggest news in terms of repairability. Valve simplified the Steam Deck’s OLED repair process in meaningful ways. Valve switched from Torx machine screw heads with metal bosses on the rear cover to prevent head stripping. It reduced screw types and required fewer steps to repair common problems. Now, the switches for shoulder bumpers can be found on the joystick boards for easy repair. We’ll let you know once these new components hit iFixit.

Starting Nov. 16, at 1 pm EST, the Steam Deck OLED is available.

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