Star Trek: Prodigy will explain the franchise to total newcomers

The holographic Captain Janeway who serves as a guide to the motley crew on Nickelodeon’s animated series Star Trek: Prodigyit’s more than an egg. Kate Mulgrew voices the part she played in the lead role of Star Trek VoyagerThe character can also be used to welcome younger viewers less familiar with the subject. Star TrekThat’s the goal of. That’s the goal of Star Trek: ProdigyAccording to cast members who were at the 2021 New York Comic Con, where they debuted the episode and other details,

The characters may find themselves piloting a Federation ship, but they’re learning about the Federation from episode to episode. While Star TrekRecenty, has explored the animated world on multiple occasions. Lower decksIt is also the first time this happened. Star TrekThe series was specifically designed for children. “We have overlooked, in all of prescience, a very important demographic,” Mulgrew said of the Star Trek franchise. “Children, who in many ways are far more astute than their elders.”

In the pilot episode we meet our protagonist Dal (Brett Gray), a prisoner on a mining colony in the Delta Quadrant who’s always looking for an escape. He finds an abandoned USS Protostar, and hightails it into deep space along with his crew of old friends and enemies. There’s the engineer, Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas); a minor miner named Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui); Dal’s former friend with whom he shares a kind of screwball comedy dynamic and budding antihero, Gwyn (Ella Purnell); a noncorporeal genderless telepath named Zero (Angus Imrie); and a blob named Murf voiced by none other than Dee Bradley Baker.

Dal and his crew may live in the Star Trek universe, but they don’t know the Prime Directive from the Kobayashi Maru. “We wanted a way in,” executive producer Kevin Hageman explained at the panel. “We wanted a bunch of new characters that knew nothing about Star Trek just like our young audience.” They meet Janeway via hologram at the end of the first episode. “We get to have so much fun taking our time and introducing everything we love about Star Trek.”

Dan Hageman’s brother Kevin, and Jason Alexander, his son, were also present at the panel. They announced four future guest stars who will be more appealing to adults: Jason Alexander (SeinfeldDaveed DiggsHamiltonJamela JamilThe Good PlaceAs well as Robert Beltran’s animated Captain Chakotay, from Star Trek Voyager

But here’s nothing stopping older audience members from dropping in on Star Trek: Prodigy — especially if you’re new to the franchise and its breadth. “It’s not just for young people,” said Dan Hageman. “There are a lot of people out there who are curious about Star TrekThey may feel intimidated. There’s a lot of Star TrekThere is more. How do we get started? What is the best way to tell the difference between Romulan and Vulcans? This is a show that’s going to help anyone. It’s not just a show that will help new generations, it is also one people want to know more about. Star TrekYou are ready to get in. This will guide ‘em right into the franchise.”

Mulgrew shared her story during the panel, revealing that she was a newcomer to Star Trek when she signed up to be the first female Captain. “The philosophy behind [Star Trek: Prodigy] will reverberate in infinity,” said Mulgrew. “It is a wonderful idea that [Gene] Roddenberry had about the human spirit, about transcendence of all kinds of obstacles.”

Star Trek: ProdigyParamount+ premieres the film Oct. 28

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