Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer shows a new threat for Captain Burnham

A gravitational anomaly, the return of David Cronenberg, and a Ferengi — there’s a lot to unpack in the official trailer for Star Trek DiscoverySeason 4, which premiered to an enthusiastic audience at New York Comic Con 2021, was the first season. The cast met up in person to discuss season 4, which will debut on Paramount+ in November 18. This trailer is so beautiful, actually, that it was even a movie. Discovery Dr. Hugh Culber’s star Wilson Cruz demanded the audience watch it two times.

While the return of director Cronenberg’s character, Kovich, is intriguing, the anomaly is the biggest conflict facing the crew in the new season.

“I think I can speak for all of the characters when I say I don’t think any of us expected to have a threat this big so soon after jumping to this future,” said Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham). “That was huge, and then I know at least for Burnham it’s a lot. Here we are again with a threat of great, great magnitude.” In the upcoming season, she said, “you see these people find out exactly how they can choose both [duty and joy] in their own ways.”

However, fans of the series who have watched the crew of the USS Discovery face multiple disasters may be less surprised that they’re in this position yet again. This crew seems to be facing potentially catastrophic consequences. “Tilly’s great at science,” said Mary Wiseman (Tilly). “So that helps.”

Burnham is the most important attraction to the new series, despite all the threats. She started the series as both a commander, first officer, and then became the captain in real life, and not in a parallel universe. She’s finally putting her leadership skills to work.

“I do appreciate Burnham’s hands-on approach,” said Martin-Green. “I appreciate how Burnhan has been written.” With this new role on the USS Discovery, Martin-Green became the first Black woman to play a captain on a live-action Star Trek serie. “I think that everything that has happened in my life, everything has led to this moment. Everything has lead to me sitting in this chair and taking on that role. Of course I know what it means to me, for all the obvious reasons historically speaking and culturally speaking.”

Season 3 Star Trek Discovery also welcomed the franchise’s first transgender and nonbinary characters, played respectively by transgender and nonbinary actors Ian Alexander (Gray) and Blu del Barrio (Adira Tal). A good portion of the panel was dedicated to welcoming and praising del Barrio’s debut.

“That has a lot to do with Jonathan Frakes being my first director,” del Barrio said. They went on, laughing, “I was so incredibly nervous that I tried to make a joke with him and he said ‘fuck off’ and I said ‘okay’ and then it was fine.” But while Star TrekFrakes, veteran actors, gave the Frakes a difficult time. Everyone else was abuzz about del Barrio who makes his professional acting debut. Star Trek DiscoveryThey were in their scenes. They are a “truth teller,” Martin-Green said.

As for Gray’s corporeal form? Alexander wasn’t there, but his presence could be felt. The trailer teases Alexander. “When Dr. Culber makes a promise he keeps that promise,” said Cruz.

Cruz was almost slapped by Anthony Rapp, his screen husband (Paul Stamets). Martin-Green and Wiseman began singing together about their love for acting. It’s clear, in the trailer and the way the Star Trek DiscoveryThe cast interacts on stage with each other, making the USS Discovery crew a close-knit family. Season 4 is even more thrilling to be looking forward to in November.

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