Splitgate: Portals to the Future

Xbox Nation! I’m Ian Proulx, the creator of SplitgateI am the co-founder of 1047 Games. If you’ve heard of our game before, chances are it was around July or August, the start of our Open Beta. That’s when we were overwhelmed by the large number of new players wanting to play the game. Since then, we’ve gotten a good handle on the server situation and players have enjoyed a much more stable experience. But instead of rehashing the past, let’s talk about something I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about with SplitgateThe future is now!

Since arriving on console and receiving substantial funding for the 1047 Games studio, many people have asked, “What’s next for Splitgate?” I could tell you a list of features we want to add or that we’re in the process of rapidly growing the company, but first, let me show you what my vision for Splitgate It has been from the very beginning.

Many gamers have written about SplitgateGames like these can be a great source of inspiration. Halo And PortalIt is. This is not an accident. It’s not an accident that I was raised playing lots of sports. Halo 2 Halo 3Their simple, yet sophisticated gameplay was captivating. It was your choice to win and you would be rewarded for it. You were the only one who could stop you from enjoying the game. The DNA of the game is a combination of these movements and the portal movement mechanics. SplitgateThis is. This means that the game encompasses all of the fun and excitement that makes arena shooters so great.


SplitgateI was on the same platform which brought me here Halo is quite surreal. However, the comparison between the two games has made many people wonder if we’re trying to be a replacement to HaloYou can read more. This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact as Halo fans ourselves, we’re quite excited for what Halo Infinite Arena shooter Space will be available! Splitgate It has always been and will always be about returning to the FPS games we loved as children. Splitgate players who have played in Splitgate have discovered the simplicity and joy of playing an optimized, simple game. This is something some may have forgotten.

But being influenced by the “glory days” of gaming doesn’t mean we can’t/shouldn’t continue to grow and innovate. We’re here for the long-haul which means we have a lot of exciting features coming down the pipeline. Our first ever update on holiday events is Spookygate. All of the items, from menus to skins to Stadium’s map, got the Halloween treatment. You can access some weapon skins submitted by the community to this event until Spookygate closes on November 1.

This brief update gives you a glimpse of what to expect in the future from our game studio. Of course, we’ll be doing something this winter for the holiday season, but beyond that, SplitgateXbox One will soon get many exciting features, which Xbox users have been eagerly awaiting for quite some time. One feature we’ve already started on is a map editor. Think of playing Karman Station. Imagine portal walls floating in space, and you have a building that you can steal from. You can also imagine the simulation maps, where each wall can be portaled onto. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with when this feature finally releases!


The Xbox Series X|S version SplitgateYou can find it here. We aren’t ready to share the exact details of what this version will bring, but if you’re familiar with other cross-generational titles, that should give you a good idea. As an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member you still have the opportunity to redeem the XTREME Perkpack until November 30th as part your Perks!

Expect also Splitgate In the future, we will introduce some lore. Every day we get questions from players about stories, lore or single-player modes. I can’t tell you how or when we’ll be revealing the universe of Splitgate yet, but it’s something we can’t wait to share with the world. All I’ll say for now is, stay tuned.

Ah, yes! SplitgateDownload it now for free Download it right now to check the Halloween update. The other developers and I play the game often, so be on the lookout for the “Developer” tag and feel free to give us a shout.

All the best!


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Splitgate, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with player-controlled portals, is free to play. With its portal mechanics and multi-dimensional combat, this sci-fi shooter elevates the FPS genre. Splitgate is a tribute to some of the best shooters from the past 20 years. It evokes fond memories of legendary shooters, but adds an original twist. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal.”

Portal Combat: A New Type of Shooter
You can fly and flank your enemy with intense traversal action. Keep your head up and use portal combat to out-smart them and out-maneuver them. There’s nothing quite like landing a no-scope headshot from behind after portalling circles around a confused enemy, who still thinks you are standing in front of him!

Enjoy a comprehensive, feature-filled multiplayer experience for free
Splitgate has more than 20 maps. Each map offers its own setting and gameplay style. You will find a research station inside an active volcano as well as an underwater luxury hotel and an alien crash site. Splitgate is a fast-paced portal combat game that rewards Splitgate players for their unique maps. Each map plays in a different way and has its own feel. And it’s FREE.

Multiplatform Platforms: Get in on the Party with Friends
Cross-play allows you to play against or with your friends on multiple PCs and consoles. The standard FPS controls with intuitive portal mechanics make it easy for beginners to get started. There are competitive and casual modes that allow players of all skill levels to have fun with their friends. To play in your preferred way, you can create your own lobby and add modifiers. Big-Head Mode, which has low gravity and infinite ammo is highly recommended!

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