Splice The Abominations Of Your Dreams In Let’s Build A Zoo This November

The quirky Let’s Build A Zoo opens its doors to enterprising zookeepers on November 5. The game hands you the keys to your own sanctuary of animals that you can take in several directions. Whether you want to promote conservation, turn it into a soulless money-making machine, or concoct your brand-new creatures using a gene-splicing mechanic, Let’s Build A Zoo has you covered.  

This goofy title lets you erect and design enclosures, buildings, and other infrastructure to house your furry attractions and entertain guests. Although it may look simple, there are layers that allow you to customize your system and provide a lot of customization. Kind-hearted players can properly care of their animals, promote environmentalism, and even save some species from going extinct. People who are more inclined to be on the dark side of things can make a living by creating factories to extract as much money as they can from them. 

The game’s other prominent feature is gene splicing. You find plain-old giraffes dull? Mix its DNA with, say, a bat and see what you get. Over 300,000 combinations are possible in the game; perhaps your zoo will be able to exclusively display yours horrific mistakes gifts of life. Let’s Build A Zoo is coming to PC via Steam for $19.99. 

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