Spider-Man PS4 player clears Olympus base without touching the ground

One extraordinarily coordinated Spider-Man PS4 player managed to beat a whole Olympus Hideout without ever touching the bottom, and thankfully they got the entire thing on video for our viewing pleasure.

The player spends over 7 minutes swinging from point-to-point, pulling baddies up from the bottom to beat them, and somehow avoiding touching ground despite numerous close calls. It’s incredibly tense to observe because it seems like the chain of combos is about to interrupt any moment.

All in all, Reddit user LobokVonZuben performed a 309x combo streak to clear the whole base. The player attributes their success to a move that allows you to grab bad guys from the bottom and pull them up, all while swinging through the air. “The whole reason this video is even possible is due to the “Air Yank” move that permits Spider-Man in mid-air to tug people on the bottom up to him together with his webs,” LobokVonZuben wrote.

I’ve been seeing more and more of those sorts of videos cropping up, probably due to all the staying home. While I have never seen as many for Spider-Man PS4, many people are doing insane things in Breath of the Wild. Last, someone beat the whole primary campaign in Breath of the Wild without Link walking.

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