Set Sail for Sea of Thieves’ Next Community Weekend on September 30


  • Sea of Thieves Season Nine Community Weekend will take place from Saturday, September 30 to Monday, October 2 (10am UTC).
  • The day’s festivities will include login bonuses, Pop-Up Plunder, and an in-game multiplier that climbs as watch hours are clocked up on Twitch in the Sea of Thieves category.
  • Additional incentives include sales, Twitch Drops, community shout-outs and a celebratory stream from Rare’s on-site Tavern.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, everyone! We’re delighted to reveal on this most special day that the next Sea of Thieves Community Weekend is just over the horizon, with the sailing shenanigans set to start on September 30. This Season’s event has all sorts of fun lined up for players keen to maximize their looting returns, and, for the first time, will be introducing a brand new feature to the Sea of Thieves: Pop-Up Plunder.

However, this event already begins with a different flavor – and that’s because again, in a Sea of Thieves first, we’ll be using Twitch to power the Community Emissary Grade! While in previous events pirates have been able to increase the Community Emissary Grade by using a hashtag on Twitter, it’ll be watch hours that power up the in-game multiplier this time – with big ol’ boosts to gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown and Allegiance all in the hands of our players.

All anyone needs to do to help raise the Community Emissary Grade is tune in to their favorite streamer in Twitch’s Sea of Thieves category during the celebrations. If the community pushes the collective watch time high enough to hit Grade Five, the biggest boost will be unlocked and players will receive two-and-a-half times the rewards for their handiwork. Simple!

To mark Community Weekend’s switch from Twitter to Twitch, we’ll be living our own best pirate lives over on the official Sea of Thieves Twitch channel during the opening hours of the event. Join a sea of familiar faces streaming live from Rare’s on-site Tavern from 10am UTC on Saturday, September 30, when there will be Community Weekend challenges, mid-sail giveaways, and general livestream chaos to enjoy. And of course, every minute watched will contribute to the Community Emissary Grade and go towards earning you Twitch Drops.

Yes, over the course of the weekend, a host of brand new Twitch Drops items will be available to swipe by watching Sea of Thieves! The Eastern Winds Ruby Sturdy Boots, Gilded Phoenix Cutlass, Eastern Winds Ruby Bejewelled Gloves and Gilded Phoenix Eye of Reach will all be up for grabs by tuning in to your favorite streamers. As each reward becomes available, it can be unlocked just by watching any stream in the Sea of Thieves category for a minimum of one hour.

That’s not all, though – if the community manages to get Sea of Thieves into Twitch’s top 10 categories (by viewing figures) at any point over the weekend, an extra-special Twitch Drop will be unlocked: the Obsidian Ship’s Crest, a reward which will be exclusive to Sea of Thieves Community Weekends for the foreseeable future. This makes it an incredibly rare and high-value item to have in your inventory, ready to be equipped to any Captained ship – so it’s worth doing everything you can to make this outrageously cool item available for everyone! Just ensure your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked ahead of time to ensure you benefit from all these bonus items on offer.

Heading into the virtual world of the Sea of Thieves itself, there’s lots to see and do. After the Port Merrick picture wall from our Fifth Anniversary Community Weekend ended up a smash hit for selfies, we decided to bring back a themed picture wall… to every Outpost, for your convenience! These picture walls will also display the Community Emissary Grade flag, so at a glance you’ll know how well everyone’s collectively progressing through the Grades.

The flag won’t be the only thing that changes as players level up through the Grades, however. A brand new feature called Pop-Up Plunder will be debuting in this event, with special caches being buried within the world throughout Community Weekend. Every time the community hits a new collective Emissary Grade, we’ll sneak a spot of precious loot onto all servers at specific locations – with clues to the whereabouts of these locations being seeded on Sea of Thieves’ official social media channels. There will only be one prize per server, and each prize will only be discoverable for an hour before it disappears, so you’ll have to be swift to secure your stash.

The loot at these special spots will vary, with a roulette of items you could uncover! But it’s a game worth playing when packed Collector’s Chests, Chests of Legends, suites of Siren Gems and even Chests of Fortune are all on offer – so may the odds be ever in your favor. Even after the community hits Grade Five, we’ll continue to periodically drop terrific treasures into the world until the end of the event, just because we can. But the only guaranteed Pop-Up Plunder item will be Grade Five’s first treasure – an item particularly rare and Wondrous…

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Community Weekend without a couple of freebies. Players logging in during the weekend can expect their inventories to be furnished with a very regal purple and yellow Community Weekend Flag, plus a cheeky Touch Grass Emote that’ll have everyone gleefully reaching for their favorite foliage-based pose time and time again. For those who like to get even more bang for their buck, the Sea of Thieves merchandise store will also be running a 30% off promo, with the discount applicable to lots of lovely pirate swag. Just use SOTCOMMUNITYWEEKEND at checkout to score yourself some cut-price treasures.

Last but not least, every Sea of Thieves Community Weekend is all about the unstoppable community spirit of our wonderful pirates. We’ll be celebrating and spotlighting players throughout the weekend who showcase the best of #BeMorePirate, and running a Crew Couture-themed fashion competition with the return of #StyleOfThieves – but, most importantly, we’ll be raising a toast to all buccaneers who join in and tell us their best sailing tales with the #SeaOfThievesCommunityWeekend hashtag. This event is about us giving back to you, so we want to see your spoils, stories, selfies and more on every social media platform available.

We hope you’re excited to see in October with a plethora of piratical plusses on the Sea of Thieves. For those of you who can make it – we’ll see you on the seas!

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