Second Extinction: Research and Destroy Update Available Now

Hallo! Since our last conversation in April, there has been a lot of change. With the launch The Second Extinction S, and with Xbox Game Pass.|S, and with Xbox Game Pass. Since then we’ve been regularly adding content and improvements as part of our run in Game Preview. New dinos, heroes, and challenges have all been added to the game with each of our pre-seasons and it’s been great seeing players and the community engage with the game as it has grown.

Our last update however is quite large. Investigate and DestroyThere are many features that make it worth highlighting.

Second Extinction: Research and Destroy

The new Horde Mode is our headliner. A much-requested addition to the mode options Horde Mode is an amalgamation of everything that we believe. The Second ExtinctionThe gameplay is unique because it offers something different. Players start out with a pistol and fight off ever increasing waves of dinos. Players earn credits with each kill. This allows them to unlock all their weapons and equipment. Survive long enough and you’ll have the opportunity to extract, or keep fighting, for those with a taste for high scores and glory.

As with everything we’ve introduced during our Game Preview journey so far, this is our first version of the feature and will be improved on and grown through Game Preview and beyond. The pre-season season will soon be released so gather your team and get ready to practice in order to earn your spot among the ERA Elite.

Second Extinction: Research and Destroy

Research and Destroy is a great way to get your team together. You will find a variety tools to make this easier. Cross play is the most important tool. Cross-platform recruitment The Second ExtinctionAvailable on.

Alongside cross play, we’re also integrating voice chat and allowing players the ability to create and advertise lobbies in the frontend, making it easier to form groups of like-minded players from across the community.

Second Extinction: Research and Destroy

Sunetra is finally here. Sunetra, our latest hero, joins Amir in the role of operative and completes our character list. Sunetra’s abilities allow her to use her knowledge as an expert biologist to enable her squad to pick targets apart with ruthless efficiency and mess with their behaviour to turn enemies into allies, if only temporarily.

In our armory revamp, Sunetra (and all the other heroes) is also available in skins. You can view every weapon, accessory and cosmetic available to you in the new menus. Also find out how to get them.

Second Extinction: Research and Destroy

We feel Research and Destroy is the best option for you. It is an important step in the right direction The Second Extinction and can’t wait to get it out and in the hands of players. If you’re excited to get more information or feel like getting involved in our lovely community of dino killers then please drop by our Discord channel and follow us on social media.

Second Extinction™ (Game Preview)

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Second Extinction™ (Game Preview)

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The game is still in development. This game may change in the future or be released as a finished product. You should only purchase the final version of the game.

It is easy to achieve the goal: To reclaim Earth.
You can team up with two friends to take on the hordes mutated dinosaurs in Second Extinction. Single players should be aware that Second Extinction has been designed to work with teams. Only the strongest will prevail.

Game Preview’s goal is simple too: To work with the community and make it the best possible game.
We are eager to get your input and want you to play a significant role in the future development of our site.
Even so, there’s plenty to get your teeth (and claws) into from day one: 4 heroes,
10 weapons (with 5 upgrade tiers each) and 6 missions – plus some special side quests – across multiple regions of our big map.

The mantra of our organization is “players win wars”, not communities. Our War Effort feature is a perfect example of this.
Every region on our large map is assigned a threat level. The threat level can be decreased if more players accomplish their tasks and are active in the missions. But the dinosaurs aren’t resting either, and they’ll focus their efforts where you aren’t.
The community will each week see or feel the result of their hard work. You can be sure that an Emergence Event will await you if the threat level is too high.

By playing Second Extinction you’re not just picking up another co-op shooter.
You’re joining us on a journey as we shape the experience. Each piece of feedback you give and each mission that you take part in matters. Don’t wait! This is where the fight for earth’s reclaim begins.

Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at