Scream 2022 trailer: Neve Campbell returns to face Ghostface … again

Scream returns with its best meta-horror parody ever. This trailer shows the premiere. Scream 5Or technically, The Scream, the franchise is caught halfway between a sequel and a reboot and that’s exactly where it wants to be. It will be released Jan. 14, 2022. The film stars Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell.

Scream is a classic slasher movie that both mocked the genre but also had one of the best. Each Scream sequel skewered a new corner of the genre, but four entries in, it’s far and away the most consistently good slasher series there is. However, it has become less popular or just plain strange in recent times. Still strong is the Halloween franchise. Halloween killsLater this month will include eight sequels in different continuity along with two remakes. With a timeline as ridiculous as that, Scream’s new half-reboot will be fighting an uphill battle to make the satire land with a new audience.

Scream 5, for lack of a better title, brings back the series’ long time writer Kevin Williamson as a producer, along with James Vanderbilt (ZodiacGuy Busick and ). Ready or not(). This film is not directed by Wes Craven (horror-legend), who died in 2015. Instead, the new film will be directed by the team of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, whose last project together was 2019’s horror-comedy Ready or not

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