Scorpion’s ‘get over here’ Mortal Kombat move was invented on the fly

The 8th of October 2022 Mortal Kombat It will turn 30 and not be interested in going to bed after nine, or wondering if it was lactose-intolerant all along. As co-creator, this means Ed Boone wrote on TwitterThe team at Midway has worked on this project for 30 years. Mortal Kombat and making video game history — like Scorpion’s signature “Get over here!” chain-yank. It turns out that this move was invented on the spot.

Boon posted Tuesday’s video of Boone and his fellow blogger. Mortal KombatJohn Tobias is the director of a performance capture session for a Scorpion actor.

“You know what would be a cool-ass move?” Boon says, before beginning to describe a “spear” throw that he and Tobias begin to work out the logistics of in real time. It’s serendipitous and very charming, especially given Boon’s preferred sound effect being a sort of hushed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.”

Boon explains further in the thread that some of the best parts of games are the result of equal amounts of preparation, experimentation and iteration. The team prepped lots for the capture shoot, so the ideas weren’t coming from nowhere, and further sound and graphics work would have to be done before the idea would reach its final form. And all of that comes before the lore stuff about how Scorpion is a revenant and the “spear” they’re talking about here eventually becomes something that comes out of his dang Hand in later games.

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