Root and Oath designer’s next board game Arcs takes place in space

Cole Wehrle is the designer of popular board games Root: A Game of Woodland Might and RightAnd Oath: Chronicles of Empire and ExileHis next board game has been revealed by. It’s called Arcs: Conflict in the Void, CollapseWehrle announced that the company will take his distinctive brand of strategy gaming into outer space. Wehrle announced ArcsMonday on Twitter,The price range and release dates were not included.

Arcs started very differently from any other game I’ve worked on,” Wehrle wrote. “Normally, after finishing a game, I feel pretty exhausted. However, I feel much more satisfied after I’ve finished a game. Oath, I was filled with all sorts of odd ideas that didn’t fit into that game. I wanted to stay in the space but design something new.”

OathThis is a rich strategy game that allows players to control the narrative. The narrative is complex and rich, but it’s also ephemeral, as our review reveals. There is no fluff in the documentation to explain its world, so players will need to understand its nuance. ArcsWehrle stated that the story will differ in terms of both its scale and the tone.

Wehrle described Arcs as a “short campaign game” with two to four sessions, designed for three or four players. Not recommended Oath, it will require the same set of players to complete a given campaign, but with a total run time of no more than five hours that’s a much more reasonable ask. Similar OathWehrle claimed that ArcsPartly inspired by his love of roguelikesIt is. However, it will now be more open-ended this time and each campaign will have a clear start, middle, end, and finish.

Longtime collaborator Kyle Ferrin will be returning to handle the games’ art.

Image: Kyle Ferrin/Leder Games

“If Oath atomized the kinds of mechanical/narrative changes that occur over a campaign game or RPG, Arcs is just a little more narratively chunky,” Wehrle continued. “By that I mean that there are more narrative set pieces and explicitly branching narratives. The game works as Leder Games’ traditional storytelling style. These are player-driven narratives that give folks tools to tell their own stories.”

Polygon reached out for information to Leder Games publisher.

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