Rick Grimes From The Walking Dead Joins Fortnite, Daryl And Michonne Return To Item Shop

Coral should be told, Carl, that his father is playing Fortnite. 

Epic Games has added the famed sheriff-turned-zombie-killing-leader Rick Grimes to Fornite, and he’s available for purchase right now in the Item Shop. Rick has been added to the Item Shop as part of this year’s Fortnitemares event, bringing classic Universal icons like Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, and more to the game. 

To celebrate Rick’s return, Michonne Hawthorne and Daryl Dixon have been added to Fortnite Item Shop. Rick’s standard and Winter Rick Grimes attire will be available to those who purchase it.

Rick, as you can see from the above screenshot, comes with a pickaxe, backbling and glider just like all the other outfits. 

Epic Games also added the Curdle Scream Leader (beside Frankenstein’s Monster) and the Skeletara (beside Rick) skins to the Item Shop alongside Rick. Check out the photo below.

Rick ends the first week cards for Fortnitemares. That means another week of them is about to begin. And it’s anyone’s guess which outfits or skins these cards will bring. In other news Venom and Carnage will be leaving Fortnite on October 18th,And the Ghoul Trooper and Brainiac outfits are now available for purchaseIn the Item Shop 

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