Retro Sci-Fi Adventure Game The Invincible Gets First Teaser Trailer

The Invincible will be a new sci-fi video game that is being developed based upon the 1964 novel. Starward Industries is the studio behind this game, which was founded by ex-Designers from Techland and CD Projekt Red. Starward released the first trailer for their spacefaring adventure after they shared screenshots.

Stanislaw Lem was a well-known sci-fi writer. The Invincible, which tells the tale of a spacecraft called InvincibleRegis III is the first landing. Its team of explorers is on a mission to locate its missing sister ship, but the crew discovers an alien vessel and a mysterious form of self-replicating life. The trailer introduces protagonists Dr. Yasna, the woman exploring the surface of Regis III, and her ally Astrogator Novik. Starward describes the game as a cinematic adventure thriller with branching storylines leading to multiple endings. 

The Invincible, originally scheduled for release in 2018, will now launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on PC. Although we don’t yet have a clear sense of what the game will be like in the moment, it’s retro futuristic design and renowned source material are sure to inspire sci-fi enthusiasts.

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