Resident Evil 4 Has Sold Nearly 5.5 Million, Street Fighter 6 Almost 2.5 Million

Microsoft announced earlier this week that the launch of Starfield resulted in a 13% rise in Xbox services and content revenue for its Fiscal Year 2020 Quarter 1 Financials. Now, Capcom has released its latest round of financials – the six-month period that ended in September – and in it, reveals that both income and profit are up thanks to the excellent launches of its Resident Evil 4 remake and Street Fighter 6. 

The total number of games sold has increased from 21.33 million at this time last season to 22.66 million, resulting in a 53% increase in net sales, going from 49.067 to 74.934 billion Yen. The operating income has also increased by 55%. Capcom attributes the increase in operating income to its release of Street Fighter 6 in June on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC as well Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. 

Street Fighter 6 has been sold in 2.47 million copies. Monster Hunter Rise with its Sunbreak extension has now sold over 6.5 million copies. Capcom revealed its remake of Resident Evil 2 sold 13 million units and its remake Resident Evil 3 sold 8 million. As of the end of last week, players had downloaded Monster Hunter Now – a Monster Hunter version similar to Pokemon Go. 

Capcom reports that Monster Hunter has exceeded 95 million sales. The entire Resident Evil Series is said to have sold 150 million copies. Street Fighter has 52 million. Check out some of the other highlights from this series: 

  • Mega Man41,000,000 units sold
  • Devil May Cry30 Million units sold
  • Dragon’s Dogma7.9 millions 

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