Resident Evil 3 Remake demo releasing later this week

The Resident Evil 3 remake is dropping this April, but you
will not need to wait that long to urge a thought of the gameplay. consistent
with the official Resident Evil Twitter account, a demo is on the horizon

Aside from the announcement that a demo is “on the
way,” we have got no other details about when or what it’ll entail. The
tweet promises more information “in the near future,” but gosh if
that does not make it even harder to attend .

Luckily, we have got a thought of how the sport feels, as we
recently went head-to-head with the sizeable wicked Nemesis himself. Inspect
our Resident Evil 3 hands-on here for an idea of how the remake feels – both
the only player and multiplayer modes. It’s clear that the updated Nemesis is
going to be an imposing and challenging enemy to face, but just how difficult
it is uncertain.

It’s unknown if this upcoming demo will feature the
multiplayer Resistance mode, the only player campaign, or both. Still, the
Nemesis hype is real, so one player demo wouldn’t be surprising. Stay tuned, as
there’s sure to be an announcement detailing the contents of the demo very
soon. We’ll update this story accordingly.

The Resident Evil 2 remake was very successful. Therefore the pressure is on Resident Evil 3 to deliver a game that expands upon an already great one. Resident Evil 3 will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3.