Resident Evil 3 Demo Coming Soon

Capcom has announced two separate chances for you to urge your hands on Resident Evil 3 before it comes out on April 3 (PS4, Xbox One, and PC).

The game’s demo – featuring Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, and a terrifying Nemesis – is out this Thursday, Saint Joseph (midnight Eastern on Xbox One and 1 p.m. Eastern on PS4/PC).

The demo also includes an exclusive, post-completion cinematic trailer, even as a stimulating side challenge: Twenty Mr. Charlie statues are strewn throughout the demo for you to seek out (with an onscreen counter that keeps track of your tally). There is no word on what is going to be your reward if you get all of them.

Resident Evil 3 includes the Resident Evil Resistance multiplayer online component, where one player-controlled mastermind tries to wipe out four players during a specific amount of your time by unleashing bioweapons and setting traps.

Capcom is starting an open beta for Resistance, beginning on March 27 (3 a.m. Eastern on PS4/Xbox One and 1 p.m. Eastern on PC) that runs until the sport launches on April 3. Participants can play as Daniel Fabron, one among the four masterminds within the mode, and one among four of the ultimate game’s six survivors.

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