Raft guide: Temperance story island walkthrough

Temperance, the seven-story island on which Temperance was built RaftingThe ice island is home to polar bears. To find the observatory, an Igloo Village, and research facilities, you can use snowmobiles to navigate around the island. You will be challenged by many tricky puzzles, poison-filled rooms, and it can slow down your progress. But, with the Temperance walkthrough you’ll be able to skate around all these obstacles.

To unlock the locker, you will need to observe the constellations

Make your way to Temperance’s observatory. The icy floor beneath you will crumble as you approach the entrance. You can swim through the cavern to defeat it. AnglersContinue climbing until you find the ladder that leads to the observatory. Once you’ve entered, look for the notes of constellations on every floor.

The telescope can be accessed from the third floor. You can use the arrows to interact with it. You can count the stars within each constellation by looking for them on the note you have earlier. Number of stars is the number that corresponds with their locker code. Your journal will contain the constellation order: Hook, Poison puffer, Hook and Raft.

If you’re having trouble, input the code 5 – 9 – 6 – 4To open the locker, place the key in the lock and then collect it. Selene Key Advanced Anchor BlueprintThe locker.

Recuperate electrical wires taken from radio towers

A radio tower with two wires coming out the side in Raft

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Proceed to your right after you have left the observatory. Continue following the radio tower trail to collect the electrical wiresYou will need to continue on until you reach the igloo village. Each tower contains two electrical wires, and you’ll need a total of nine wiresUse the generator to generate power for your village. Make use of the snowmobiles To quickly travel between and to radio towers. Be careful. polar bears That they hang out at the radio towers, snowmobiles stations. You’ll have a total of eight when you arrive, so collect two more at the radio tower just outside of the town. Return to the igloo village once you’ve collected all nine of the electrical wires.

Brighten up your town

A birds-eye diagram of how to connect wires in the Temperance town

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The generator can be connected to every igloo using the electric wires to provide electricity for the village. The image below can be used as a guide. Once you have opened the main door, take the key. blowtorch On the top floor.

Take control rods from Laboratory 2

The entrance to the Selene Research Facility in Raft

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You will find the Selene Research Facility at the top. It emits a green light. Use the blowtorch to melt the keyhole and then use the Selene Key to open the door. Three keys are required to reach the console’s main console. Use control rodsTo move forward

Add some hazmat suitNow, quickly go into Laboratory 2. You will see elements all around the laboratory, as well as computers. You can see the screens on the computer to determine which atomic number you need to remember. Pay attention to how long the hazmat suit takes. The indicator located at the bottom will show you how much time it has been on your screen. You can replace your hazmat suits by returning to the central area and obtaining a brand new one. Quickly enter the atomic number into each computer before the timer expires to unlock the next door.

Here are the elements with their respective atomic numbers if you need to quickly open the door.

Continue to the next room by collecting the control rod at the end of the corridor. In this next room, you’ll have to spin a valve to unlock the next door, but RoachesThe valve will be turned and the eggs will begin to hatch. Eliminate the roaches Turn the valve on to the next control rod.

Redirecting lasers

To enter Laboratory 1, turn on the wall-mounted laser, and adjust the mirror until the laser is placed onto the door’s power source. You will find a corridor with another hazmat suit when you unlock the door. To find another laser puzzle, equip the suit.

Power up the laser and rotate the mirrors around the room to reach the door’s power source. Mounted mirrors can be used to guide the laser toward the opposite side of the room. Use the image below as guidance if you’re having trouble.

A bird’s eye diagram of which direction to shoot lasers in Raft

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Take the control rod to the next area and then move on to the Control Room. Put the control rods in their respective slots, and then pull the lever on the main console. Grab the Key for ReactorYou can unlock the Reactor Room.

To purify the Reactor Room, turn the wheel

Enter the Reactor Room wearing your hazmatsuit. Similar to the last valve room, you’ll have to spin three on the reactor to unlock the door as roaches spawn around the room. To cleanse the Reactor Room, eliminate the roaches by turning the valves.

Continue forward to the unlockable door. Utopia CodeAnd the Electric Smelter Blueprint. For unlocking the rooms, you can interact with the computer to the side. ShogoThis is the final playable character. Raft. You will return to your raft, and you’ll head to Utopia.

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