Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again Now Available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


  • To bring the kidnapped King back to his kingdom, you must enter the Dark Tower to defeat the Evil Magie.
  • Win the Princess’s heart in a new dynamic pixel art action platformer with the elements of a rogue-lite.
  • Show the King your worth and you will find love.

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again is the translation of our team’s most brave ideas in game design: an advanced combat system and random generation, which adds interest and complexity to the gameplay.


Combining our ideas with traditional settings for the genre like princesses and Dragons, we wanted to create a classic tale about a brave knight. This is the atmosphere that we remembered from our childhood — the spirit of long-forgotten gaming platforms, each of the games of that time we remember with warmth, we made references to some of them, sometimes obvious.

We were able to focus our attention on gameplay by creating a clear and easy-to-understand story that was the foundation of the game. We consciously abandoned the current developments in gameplay design in favor of retro and even abandoned the grind in a radical way – we added permanent death. We could have released the game sooner, maybe even years before, but it was always our goal to improve upon it.


The idea that governed the whole development process was limited to a handful of lines.

Rescue the Ruler from being enslaved by the Bloodthirsty Draconian!
You can win the heart and hand of the princess!
A variety of tools and equipment are available!
Avoid enemies, jump on spikes
The retro styling is pixelated!
Have you ever seen this before? You can do it again.

This is how you get started. PLPAThis was how we began each day. But eventually, the monotony of Dragon became too much. There is no indication of how serious the situation is. This is not a story about an ordinary hero. We are here to have fun. Our goal is for players to enjoy the gameplay.


The game features a random level generation and a permanent death mechanism. However, skill is what determines the outcome. Each death is a learning experience. The player must learn from past mistakes and calculate each step forward. The game has a vast knowledge base, including artifacts and in-game events. You learn slowly, becoming part of this game’s universe, as we create it.

It will be a pleasure to meet console-gamers who share our interests, since the original design of the game is for easy gaming on the Gamepad.


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Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again is a dynamic platformer with the elements of a rogue-lite, a combo system and special moves. The main goal is to clear all the floors of the Dark Tower and defeat the main antagonist – the Evil Mage. This won’t be easy because after the permadeath of the main character the castle floor plan is automatically redesigned. Your abilities and your ability to succeed are more important than random events. As the player learns more about the game’s mechanics and the impact of items, artifacts, and skills on their behavior, as well as the behaviour of bosses and enemies, they become better acquainted with the system. This lies at the core of gameplay – the player gets better mainly by learning from their mistakes and improving their skills, not from leveling up their character.

The story starts with a young man who fell in love with the King’s daughter and dared to go and ask the ruler for his daughter’s hand. A commoner can’t match her so the King dispatches the executioner to make him go. The Evil Mage storms into the castle, capturing the King. Our fearless hero rushes to the villain’s lair to defeat him and prove he is worthy of the King’s blessing.
Players will need to make crucial decisions as the castle halls become divergent at specific points.
There are many endings to the game, depending on how often you finish it and which paths you chose.

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