Prime 1 Studio Is Releasing A $2,400 Doom Eternal Statue

Standing in at 43 inches tall, Prime 1 Studio’s Doom Slayer statue will likely leap out in any room you set it in. This statue may be a part of Prime 1’s Museum Masterline collection. If $2,399 is just too steep of a price for you, Prime 1 is offering two new versions with fewer bells and whistles.

The standard version is $1,799, features an LED light-up helmet, and base. The deluxe version is $1,999 and comes with similar things, alongside two interchangeable right arms: one holding the Crucible, and another with either the Super Shotgun or Plasma Rifle. The last word edition comes with everything from the deluxe edition, alongside another interchangeable right arm, which will hold the BFG 9000, heavy cannon, or chainsaw.

The base reflects the top of a battle, with various skulls and, therefore, the remains of a Pinky at the Slayer’s feet. Preorders are open now, but the statue won’t ship June 2021 at the earliest.

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