Prepare to Master Brutal Counterattacks in Unsouled, Coming Soon for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

You can fight your way through beautiful landscapes to bring peace and tranquility to the hearts of restless souls. UnsouledThis is an exciting combat game with fast pace that challenges you to master each stage. We’ve prepared the battlefield; your goal is to mess with it and master your unique moves.

The role of Maras is that of a prince in a fallen kingdom, which has been invaded by the undead. For revenge, you must defeat soulless bosses and enemies to take down the kingdom of darkness and its rulers. Unsouled


You’ll find all of these events taking place on beautifully designed stages, inspired by famous landmarks across the world. If you’re ready to learn more about the gameplay, here are the main features of UnsouledYou can find this link:

You can play around in an interactive environment

You can knock down pillars for bridges or smash enemies against walls to stun them. You can use the objects in your environment. Interactive terrains allow you to take different planning approaches for your moves. We’re quite excited to see what creative moves our players come up with!


With timed attacks, you can become unstoppable

There are two types of counterattacks: chain attacks and counterattacks. You can also use them both to execute consecutive counterattacks if your timing is perfect. You will have different attack speeds and skills depending on the time you hit the attack button. It will be easier to stay afloat if you choose the right combination.

Recover lost souls to gain powerful power

Finally, let’s talk about souls. These souls are necessary to help you heal, avoid mobs and many other purposes. Apart from the immediate consumption, you can also unlock collectible souls which grant special abilities. To deal devastating damage, combine the abilities of these souls and your attacks.


This is just a sample of what’s in store when the game is released later this year. You can check out the Unsouled Website to learn more about the strategies and techniques you have to aid the fallen prince in his quest for revenge. Be sure to watch out for us, Unsouled.

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