Pool but Not as you Know it – Three Ways we Brought our Vision for Mutiplayer Pool to Life

You’re looking at this and thinking, just another pool game, right? Think again, Pool Blitz is so much more (well, for one thing, it’s free to play). On one hand, we have traditional 8 ball and 9 ball pool on the other we have No-Wait Blitz mode, Power-ups, pocket blockers, Steel balls, themed weekly tournaments, eight-player online quickfire tournaments, and, it’s pretty on the eye, too!

Pool Blitz comes from a small, family run, Indie developer based in Manchester, UK (and by family run, I really do mean it; mum, dad, daughter and husband, and honestly, the rest of team are like family too), but at the heart of what we do, is pool and snooker, our physics engine has been honed for over 15 years to bring to you the best pool games in the world. So, here’s some of the things we did to provide you with something you can keep coming back to pick up and play:

PB queball

Regularly Updated Content

We love pool and want you to love it too, we wanted to create a pool game that was constantly updated with fun new content. We have themed 8 Ball and Blitz Tournaments every week, where you can compete in a group of up to 100 players to win huge prizes, and bragging rights! Monthly themed seasons with daily and weekly challenges to help you speed though your free Pool Pass and collect awesome themed goodies.

Play with Friends or Practice Your Shots Solo

PB screenshot

One cool social addition was the QuickFire Tournaments, you can compete against up to 8 friends, and don’t worry if you get kicked out because you can spectate matches right up to the final. Fancy something a little more relaxed, play 1v1 matches with friends and keep track of your winning stats.

And if you’re feeling the need to slow it right down head to practice, set the balls up in any way you want and just knock them around solo, budding trickshot artist – here is your canvas!

Traditional Pool with a Zaney Twist – We’ve got Both

PB custom balls

Ever played pool and just wanted to skip the other player’s shot, we got you! Blitz mode is a non-turnbased pool game for those who just want to shoot pool and have some fast paced fun. The aim is clear – to clear the table first, but watch out for those pesky power balls.

As we said, we love pool and so traditional 8 ball and 9 ball pool and a good solid physics engine are at the heart of everything we do, so if that’s what you’re looking for, we have got it in spades. 

Well thats it, Pool Blitz in a nutshell, we’ve  been hard at work on the game for over two years and so we’re so excited to finally bring it to Xbox on October 11th, 2023.

Pool Blitz

Xbox Live

Pool Blitz

CherryPop Games Ltd


Play pool or battle with friends for free in Pool Blitz. Three modes, one game. The only online pool game you ever need.

Fancy 8 Ball, or 9 Ball, a traditional mode with epic cues, or be the last player standing in Pool Blitz Battle to take home the win, every ball you sink goes on to your opponent’s table, pocket blockers, chemical attack and more find it al in Pool Blitz!

The world is ready for a truly unique pool game! Challenge your friends, enter pool tournaments, and go head to head against other players in real-time. Shoot pool with ultra-realistic physics, breath-taking graphics, and have more fun than you’ve ever had in real life!

Pool Blitz has something for every pool fan. Choose 8-Ball for an authentic pool experience, or Blitz mode for a fast-paced pool battleground. Pick your mode!

Download Pool Blitz for free today, and enjoy a unique concept with super easy controls, and fun and intuitive gameplay!

Show off your 8-Ball pool skills in 1v1 matches, or enter tournaments to wipe out your opponents and move up the leaderboard. It’s 8-Ball just the way you’ve always wanted to play!

Choose up to 7 friends to play against in Pool Blitz tournaments. Heckle your friends as you spectate each other’s matches live!

Play on unique Pool Blitz tables against players around the world in real time. Awesome 3D graphics!

Pool Blitz uses solid pool physics which means you can smash your opponents with killer skill shots!

● Stunning, hi-res graphics
● Unique cross-platform control system
● Classic 8-Ball mode and fast-paced Blitz mode
● Play games with friends – invite up to 7 friends to multiplayer tournaments
● 8-Ball and Blitz Tournaments – complete with spectator mode
● Range of special Power Cues to help pull off super shots!
● Collect and upgrade cues, balls and player avatar masks
● Banter with your opponents using chat and emojis at the end of each pool game

Whether you’re a pool pro or a wannabe pool shark, Pool Blitz is the game for you!

Download the hottest new pool game for free now, and BLITZ the competition!

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