Point and Click Adventure Game Creepy Tale is Available Now


  • This Halloween game is perfect! Creepy TaleAvailable now
  • A little boy needs your help to locate his brother and restore peace in the country.
  • Enjoy the point-and-click adventure gameplay that will transport you to its wonderful world.

It is a good idea to get a warm blanket. Creepy Tale, a spooky point n’ click adventure of PC fame has made its way to Xbox! You can turn your lights off, set the candles on and go on a dark adventure.

We are nearing Halloween and we want to find media that will help us transition into the season of scare stories and carving pumpkins. It’s hard to find a better game than the one we call ourselves. Creepy TaleWhat do you think? Can’t think of a better contender. Your brother is taken over by evil forces. Just like that, your life turns into horror and you’re left alone in a creepy, ominous forest, forced to fend for yourself. You will want to know more. It’s a race, hide and a puzzle. The reedpipe can even be played! This is all wrapped up in beautiful 2D artwork and haunting, eerie music. The developers have really nailed the look and the sound of everything in this game and it’s a pleasure to play it and let it creep you out.

To call it a understatement is an understatement Creepy TaleIt is very atmospheric. The piece exudes style, and has a Brothers Grimm-esque atmosphere. You can play the game alone or in total darkness, but it is best to wrap yourself in blankets if you don’t want to. There’s something magical that happens when you let the game show you its full potential for terror. The immersion sucks you into this blemished, haunting world and doesn’t let you crawl out. It was a great game. I remember many times that I had to run into the kitchen to get food. I kept looking at the windows and becoming scared by clothes on the chairs. For those who love horror and the macabre, this one will be a great treasure. It’s up to them to confront it.

Creepy Tale

Xbox Live

Creepy Tale

No Gravity Gaming



You and your brother go on a walk one day when something awful happens. Everything turns into horror and you are dragged into a frightful nightmare that you can’t escape from.
Strange, inhuman beings have taken your brother and left you face to face with an unsettling forest that is filled with terrifying creatures and dangers.
Find the right puzzle to help you save your brother.

Discover the terrible story of the forest that transformed it from a peaceful, tranquil place into an evil and terrifying place.
Perhaps it is you who will solve all the secrets of the forest and restore the peace… but this isn’t a fairy tale, it is a creepy one so don’t get your hopes up.

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