Playing F1 2022 and Dirt on the ultimate gaming PC

What to do with a super gaming PC once you’ve built it? Our answer? F1 2022With a side serving of Dirt.

A couple weeks ago, I was tasked with building my very first gaming PC — live, on Twitch. I don’t think I can stress enough how nerve wracking it is to be told okay, you can get kitted out with a sick racing cockpit and a powerful PC. You can get all of the accessories that you want. Then you can pretend to be an F1 racer. First, let the internet monitor your sweat as you swear at a motherboard for 2 hours.

Well, we did it — thanks to our sponsor GameStop, our PC is filled with the beefiest bits, and we were able to put together an incredible sim-racing set-up from GameStop’s online shop.

Race was all that was remaining! Oh, wait! I have to do it too. ThatYou can live online!?

Pat and I took the rig through its paces, whipping through time trial challenges and then attempting to simply get through a Grand Prix without being sent into a wall by Fernando Alonso — a man whose AI seems to have it out for me.

Check out the stream in full above. Make sure you sign up for our Twitch channel to get more great streams.

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