Overwatch 2 Season 2: New Map, Battle Pass, Holiday Events, And More Revealed

Overwatch 2’s Season 2 begins next week, on Dec 6, with a new hero and holiday cosmetics. 

The new Overwatch 2 Season 2 trailer was released today. You can also view a blog post by Blizzard. We see Ramattra the tank hero who has just joined the roster. The new Shambali Escort Map will also be in the game’s regular rotation. Plus, we see Junker Queen’s new Mythic skin available in the new battle pass as well as a look at some of the holiday skins from upcoming holiday events. 

Below is the trailer for Season 2. 

Blizzard wrote in a blog post that “With the new season, comes a different map pool.” Along with Shambali Monastery’s newest map players will be able to anticipate Rialto returning and Blizzard World becoming the most incredible place on Earth. Oasis, Nepal and Watchpoint: Gibraltar will be visited at various times during the day. Reminder: All off-rotation map will be accessible in custom games. 


Blizzard states that Season 2’s theme is Greek mythology. This explains the reason the Mythic skin is Zeus Junker queen in the battle pass. You will get new weapon models, customizations and vocal lines. This skin also has special effects. In the battle pass, you can also earn a Legendary Poseidon Ramattra and Legendary Hades Pharah skins. 

Blizzard wrote in a blog post that these heroes would be given godlike powers. The new, limited-time event starts January 5th and runs until January 19th.

Blizzard will also be bringing back the Lunar New Year and Winter Wonderland holiday events. Every event in this season’s Battle for Olympus will come with a skin. This skin can be earned by playing or completing the challenges. Watch Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch to earn Season 2 “goodies”. Blizzard claims that there’s even an Legendary Ramattra skin available for purchase this season via Twitch. 


Overwatch 2 will also see some balance adjustments in Season 2. Blizzard states that Season 2 will focus on Sojourn’s Rail Gun’s lethal distance. This is to encourage players “to make use of Sojourn’s high mobility in order to close the distance to the more destructive right-clicks.” Doomfist will be receiving significant changes to support his position as team’s frontline, while maintaining the core of his Hero playstyle. Blizzard states that you can expect changes for Ana, Bastion and Junker Queen as well as Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Symmetra in the Season 2 Update, which will be released December 6. 

Blizzard offers additional information on Season 2 such as the new catch up heroes challenges. You can read Blizzard’s entire blog post. Continue reading for additional information. Game Informer Overwatch 2 review. 

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