Outriders Coming to Microsoft Store on Windows with Game Pass for PC and Ultimate on October 19


  • Hit sci-fi RPG shooter OutridersMicrosoft Store Windows, Game Pass for PC or Ultimate will be available on October 19th.
  • Veterans Outriders can move progress from Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S can transfer progress between console and the Windows version.
  • OutridersCross Play is available, which allows you to play the game alongside players from other platforms.

Attention, Outriders! We’re excited to announce that our hit sci-fi RPG shooter OutridersLaunches on the Microsoft Store for Windows, and Game Pass for PC and Ultimate starting on October 19.

Outriders - XGP on PC Announce

If this is the first time you’re hearing about our game, OutridersThis is an RPG-based co-op shooting game. The gameplay is focused on combat and is equal parts skill use and gunplay. You can  check out this Xbox Wire article that goes into great detail about the game and what you can expect when you land on the alien planet Enoch. 

If you’re already a veteran Outrider on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you’ll be happy to hear that you can transfer your progress between console and the Windows version if you use the same account on both platforms. Progress cannot be transferred from or to the Windows version via any other PC storefront, e.g. Steam), or other non-Xbox consoles.

Outriders - XGP on PC Announce

OutridersCross Play allows you to play with other players across supported platforms. If you are a player on Cross Play, it means that the game can be played with players from other supported platforms. Outriders through the Windows version, you’ll be able to engage in multiplayer sessions with players who are on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and other platforms. Cross Play can either be disabled or enabled depending on your preferences.

OutridersThis is the complete package. Everything you will need to get started is in the game. However, if you fancy a little extra, there’s a Hell’s Rangers content pack which you can purchase separately for up to 10% off with your Xbox Game Pass membership discount. The Hell’s Rangers pack includes some exclusive weapons, armor, and designs for your in-game truck. This gear is not only great looking, but it will also give you an edge during the first section of campaign. It includes some weapon mods that are normally available later on in the game.

Outriders - XGP on PC Announce

Whether this is your first foray into the new world of Enoch or you’re already a grizzled Outrider, make sure to keep your eye on OutridersWe will be updating you with exciting news in the next weeks!