One of Lance Reddick’s last roles is the head judge in a legal thriller

There aren’t nearly enough courtroom dramas at the movies these days. In the United States during the days of films like Some Good MenThe following are some examples of how to use Time to KillBut sadly, the. is all but gone, or even worse, it has been relegated as a television show that runs six hours longer than necessary. But The Caine Mutiny Court of MartialThe trailer for the film was released on Thursday. The movie will premiere on Paramount Plus on Showtime, Oct. 6.

The film follows the court-martial of a Naval Officer who tried to relieve the Captain of his duties after the officer discovered the Captain to be mentally incapacitated. The Navy considers this an act of rebellion, if not a mutiny. This is all played out in classic courtroom style, with a barrage of questions, statements, and passions from attorneys. A stern judge who doesn’t mince words, Lance Reddick, plays the role of that judge.

The movie is based on a novel of the same name by Herman Wouk, and it’s been adapted and directed by William Friedkin, the legendary director behind movies like The ExorcistThe following are some examples of how to get started: SorcererWho died on August 1st of this year?

Kiefer sutherland is Reddick’s co-star in the film.Fire Walk with Me: Twin PeaksJake Lacy, Lieutenant-Commander Phillip Queeg and the other officers (including Captain Phillip Queeg) are all in this boat.White LotusJason Clark, the officer in trial (Lt. Stephen Maryk), is a good example.Oppenheimer) as Lieutenant Barney Greenwald, Maryk’s reluctant attorney.

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