No Man’s Sky Will Get Even More Ambitious In 2020

No Man’s Sky has been receiving numerous free content updates over the past few months, adding features like living ships, colossal Exo mechs, and even a full audio creation suite to the space-explorer.

Developer Hello Games is constant to tinker with its massive procedurally-generated game, saying in its latest development update that it’s proud of the quantity of content it’s pushed call in the last five months. “Beginning with Synthesis, we planned to release more regularly, and it’s encouraging to seem back on how this has unfolded thus far,” reads the post, before detailing what features players anticipate to within the coming weeks.

First up, players can obtain a replacement version of the quality Exosuit Backpack, with a replacement visual update that harkens back to a number of the earliest weeks in No Man’s Sky. Additionally, the Blistering Mushroom, Watchful Protrusion, and Tentacle Spire toxic plants are now purchasable at the Quiksilver Bot’s shop, which you’ll use to spruce up your habitable bases and living spaces.

You can also anticipate to new weekend missions, with the post suggesting that players ask Iteration: Ariadne aboard the Space Anomaly this weekend to seek out out more. More reality breaching hijinks across the galaxy needs checking out.

As for the longer term, Hello Games mentions that the team is settled into its new remote working environment, in which players can expect more “ambitious additions to the universe” within the coming months. Hello, Games is additionally performing on a replacement smaller narrative adventure game called The Last Campfire, which launches later in 2020.

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