No Man’s Sky – Expedition 4: Emergence Update is Now Live

We released the most recent version of our newsletter last month No Man’s SkyUpdate, Frontiers. We have enjoyed watching Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S players and Xbox Game Pass members encounter, take command of, and develop the large alien settlements. Soon after the second season ended, came the Cartographers Expedition. This third series brought more challenges and rewards. Players had to fight for survival and eventually leave hostile planets in a hi-tech spaceship.

Today, as we approach the Halloween season, we’re releasing our fourth, suitably monstrous, expedition. We’ve called it Emergence.

Titan Worms have ravaged many planets across the entire universe. They scour the desert sands in their massive sandworm form, defiling it with their cursed dirt and casting shadows over the sun.

On planet Wasan, travelers on the Expedition will become stranded. The barren land is plagued with Titan Worms. You must locate and destroy all Titan Worm impacts sites. Also, collect any Vile Spawn left behind. It is time to purge the vessels from all of these mouths!

Travelers will uncover the dark threads in a dark story as they clean out cursed planets and chase the titanic Sandworms. You will need to complete this expedition route in order to uncover the story of a dark religion and finally confront the Atlas with proof of its permanent mark upon the universe.

This Expedition marks the beginning of a narrative. There is also an update, which brings with it several enhancements to all aspects of the game.

  • Learn More About SandwormsA variety of new types and biologies have been added to the titanic worms all over the universe. These colossal beasts can now be found with a broader selection of more horrifying  variants.
  • Richer Particle EffectsThe particle effects are now more realistic. You can see the new features in all areas of the game, including meteors, muzzle flashes and explosions as well as billowing smoke, laser impacts, and burrowing fauna dust.
  • Riderable sandwormsYou can now breed and ride a sandworm companion that you can train and tame to explore the world. They are amazing to fly and both frightening and wonderful creatures once fully grown.
No Man's Sky - Emergence
  • Feasting Casque: After discovering the secrets of an ancient Vy’keen cult, explorers can also echo their appearance with this unique, many-toothed grotesque alien.
  • Ghastly Trail: The Ghastly Trail customization applies a unique organic effect to the Jetpack’s exhaust nozzles, ejecting gooey fluids and tiny worms during flight.
  • Titanic Trophy The bases are adorned with this eerie skull that once belonged to the large, legless brother of the titan Sandworm.
  • Flesh LauncherFlesh Launcher firework adds an organic dimension to pyrotechnic displays This unusual fireworks explode with a spray of plasma, slime and wormlets.
No Man's Sky - Emergence

Emergence was a huge success with our tiny group. We loved it and really enjoyed being part of the Season. We hope our Xbox users enjoy it as much we have.

Our journey continues.

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No Man’s Sky comes complete with all 17 major updates up to and including Frontiers.

No Man’s Sky was inspired by science-fiction’s excitement and imagination. This galaxy is yours to discover, with its unique lifeforms and planets. There’s also constant danger and action.

No Man’s Sky is a place where every star represents the light from a distant Sun. Each orbited planet contains life and it’s possible to travel anywhere you want. With no loading screens and without limits, you can glide effortlessly from deep space into planetary surfaces. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you’ll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before – and perhaps never will again.

Take off on an unforgettable journey
A magnetic pulse lies at the center of every galaxy. It draws you to it and invites you to explore the secrets of the universe. Faced with hostile animals and pirates, however, you will quickly realize that even death can be costly. Your survival depends on the decisions you make about how to upgrade your ship, weapon, or suit.

Your destiny is yours
It is your choice to navigate No Man’s Sky. You can be either a fighter who preys on the weak to take their wealth or a pirate hunter for their bounty. You can increase the speed and power of your ship by upgrading it.
You could also be a trader. Or a trader? Increase cargo space is a great investment that will reap big rewards.
Maybe you’re an explorer. Explore the unknown frontier to discover new places and objects that nobody has seen. You can upgrade your engine to make it jump further and improve your survival skills in hazardous environments.

Your journey is shared
Galaxy is alive and breathing. Travel convoys move between stars and factions fight for territory. Pirates target the unwary. Police are always watching. You can share your discoveries and other players’ findings on the map. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions as well as your own…

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