New World Day 3 | Game Informer Live

Amazon Games released New World on Tuesday, and like much of the internet, we can’t seem to put the game down. You’re stranded on an exotic island. The game requires you to search for food and minerals as well as the many crafting tools you need in order to survive. You’ll need to fight off supernatural beasts using your wealth of resources. There are plenty of white-knuckle encounters. Mix all that with an engaging PvP system that tasks players with not only fending off invaders and capturing new land but also pushes you to interact with your fellow server-dwellers—socializing in an MMO? It’s a great idea! 

There are many mysteries still left to uncover in Aeternum, so join Dan Tack, Alex Van Aken, and Prima Games’ Jesse Vitelli as they bound forward into this new MMO’s third day of live service. Twitch will be hosting the event at 2 PM CT. We hope to see everyone there. We’d love to have your questions answered regarding Amazon’s entry in the legacy MMO market.

Want to know more about New World Dan Tack is here to give you all the information. Be sure to check out Dan’s thoughts on whether or not you should play the game and his article on why the opening hours of New World are incredible.

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