New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Details Revealed At TGS 2021

Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show presentation this morning was all about Monster Hunter, showcasing new additions coming to existing games like Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise. All eyes were focused on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the major expansion that will be coming to Rise this summer.

In the Sunbreak segment, Director Yoshitake Suzuki was introduced. He has been responsible for the ongoing expansion as well as the update to Rise’s development since its release. He introduced the new mystery monster from the Sunbreak trailer as a new Elder Dragon called Malzeno, but that’s all the information the devs were willing to spill on the headlining wyvern.

Additionally, we were given additional information regarding Sunbreak as well as what to expect from players when exploring its contents. Suzuki stated that Sunbreak will introduce Master Rank hunts, making it the most difficult game yet for hunters. The final Hunter Rank 7 story mission will be completed. Players will then leave Rise to embark on a trip to a new hub. We don’t know much about this new base, but Suzuki promises the team will share more information in the coming months.

One of Sunbreak’s hunting locations will be the moonlit castle area, which debuted in the announcement trailer during last week’s Nintendo Direct. The area’s crumbling and abandoned Gothic architecture is lit by a red moonlight at night. As for other monsters you’ll have to contend with on your way through Master Rank, the giant crab beast Shogun Seanataur is making its long-awaited return to the mainline series. The Carapaceon Monster was first introduced back in Monster Hunter 2. It wears a huge skull on its back to protect it and its sharp, long pincers are deadly weapons. There will be many monsters returning to Sunbreak, but that announcement will need to wait until another day.

The base Rise version on Switch is available for those who wish to test it before Sunbreak’s 2022 release. During the presentation, it was announced Rise will make its PC debut in January, with a demo coming in a few short weeks.

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