New Logitech streaming accessories coming later this month

Logitech, which recently launched a brand new line of gaming peripherals and accessories, is now expanding their portfolio with yeti Orb, Yeti GX, as well as the Litra Beam LX, key lights. Logitech offers all three peripherals as pre-orders. Units will ship by Sept. 24, 2018.

Logitech already offers a great selection of microphones, but the Yeti Orb & Yeti GX add to that. The existing Yeti microphone lineup is already one of the most popular peripherals available for audio streaming. Orb and GX add to that legacy by adding minor hardware improvements and a gaming-specific aesthetic.

Yeti Orb, priced at $59.99, has the same spherical form, small tripod, and cardioid pick-up pattern as the Blue Snowball Ice. The Yeti Orb, however, improves on the design by adding a USB Type-C connector and 48kHz sampling rate. You’ll also find a small, RGB-addressable logo stamped into the side, which can be adjusted using the Logitech software suite.

Priced at $149.99, the Yeti GX is most similar to Yeti’s $139.99 flagship, the Yeti X. The GX has a number of key differences besides the RGB backlighting. It is approximately 2/3 of the size and can record at a 96kHz sampling rate, thanks to the USB-C connector. The GX has a single supercardioid pattern, whereas Yeti X offers four adjustable patterns as well as a 3.5mm jack for monitoring audio.

Litra Beam is the final product in the Logitech catalogue. It costs $149.99. Similar to Logitech’s $99.99 Litra Beam, the LX offers RGB accent lighting in addition to adjustable temperature white-lighting thanks to its reversible, double-sided design. The LX is controlled via the integrated buttons at the top. You can also coordinate it with other Logitech Lighting through Logitech Software Suite.

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The new accessories are packaged with a free trial of Streamlabs Ultra. This gives you access to a variety of resources and apps to edit and upload your streams. Like previous Yeti Microphones, both the Yeti Orb GX and Yeti Orb are compatible with Blue Voice! Logitech’s software includes an extension that allows for fine tuning or adding effects to recordings.

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