New Dead By Daylight Survivor Is A Witch

Dead by Daylight will have a new survivor in October, just in time for Halloween. The Hour of the Witch content drops next month. Mikaela is now part of the survivors and will be a witch. Reid is a horror writer and loves Halloween. Which perks can she offer? Good question. A better question – will her perks help her survive against Pinhead? Like all other survivors, Reid can be slotted with any perks to play – unlike killers that come with core signature abilities tied to their character. 

The Hour of the Witch Mikaela Riley trailer is below. It gives you a glimpse at the latest in the series of asymmetrical survival horror games. While I enjoy playing characters with the gaudiest outfits when I play survivor, it’s often not the smartest idea. I tend to attract a lot of killer attention, and I’m a much better killer than I am a survivor. Reid brings a serious sense of style and will likely get some cool cosmetics in the future.

Holidays like Halloween will likely bring all kinds of interesting things to games such as Dead by Daylight. So what can you expect?

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