Netflix’s We Have a Ghost trailer casts David Harbour as Casper

Netflix released the trailer for their upcoming fantasy comedy-drama There is a ghost in our house on Thursday, and it’s got a ghostly, balding David Harbour in a bowling shirt running from the CIA.

Christopher Landon directs.Happy Death Day, FreakyIt follows Fulton, a teenage boy who finds Ernest (David Harbour), and becomes friends with him. Ernest is a ghostly mute haunting his old home that his family recently moved into. When news of Ernest’s existence spreads across social media, it attracts the attention of both opportunistic hucksters and the Federal government, who will stop at nothing to apprehend and experiment on him. Fulton will need to go on a roadtrip to aid Ernest escape the authorities, and help him to find his peace.

Landon is a skilled director in putting modern spins on old horror-comedy movies. The trailer is below. There is a ghost in our house certainly feels like a mash-up of 1995’s Caspar by way of 1982’s E.T. Extra-Terrestrial. We’ll have to see how successfully it turns out, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks great.

There is a ghost in our houseNetflix will be streaming it on February 24, 2019.

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