Native PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X/S Versions Of Ghostrunner Available Now

Ghostrunner is a fun, albeit difficult, first-person action-platformer but didn’t run great on consoles when it first launched a year ago. Although patches have greatly improved the performance of Ghostrunner on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, non-PC gamers have been waiting for the native Xbox Series X version and native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions. It’s over now.

Ghostrunner: It’s a slick cyberpunk action game that gives you a katana, sweet parkour moves, and tasks you with quickly running/leaping across cityscapes and other areas while seamlessly cutting down any foe in your way. Death can arrive as swiftly as you do, meaning you’ll need the timing and reflexes to survive increasingly elaborate platforming gauntlets filled with enemies. Being such a performance-based title, Ghostrunner’s entertainment value has always been tied to the hardware that can run it at its best, which has been PC. New-gen console gamers can now enjoy the same experience. 

PS5 and XSX have 4K resolutions, 120 frames/second action, ray-tracing, 3D spatial audio, and ray-tracing. DualSense haptic feedback on PS5 makes the game feel even more enjoyable. Console players now have the ability to enjoy Ghostrunner in a way that is not possible on PC. These versions also include all of the game modes released over its lifetime, which includes an accessibility-friendly assist mode, the roguelike wave mode, and more. 

However, what happens if the money you spent on the Xbox One and PS4 games is already gone? Upgrade to the latest-gen port for no cost. 

Ghostrunner is now available on almost every platform, so all eyes will be directed towards the sequel. Hopefully, we’ll be learning more about Ghostrunner 2 sooner than later.

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