MW3 campaign mission list – how long is the Modern Warfare 3 campaign?

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Modern Warfare 3,Campaign to Encourage the Use of AlternativesThe game has you follow Task Force 141 as they hunt down Vladimir Makarov. Beating campaign missions isn’t just for the narrative, or the thrill: Completing missions will also You can get rewardsThe following are some examples of how to use Modern Warfare 3,’s multiplayer.

To that end, we’ve put together the full Modern Warfare 3, campaign mission listYou will also find a description of the rewards that you receive for each multiplayer mission. How long does it take to beat the Modern Warfare 3,Campaign to Encourage the Use of Alternatives.

How long does the MW3 Campaign last?

The entire checklist can be completed by you. Modern Warfare 3,There are four levels of difficulty, from the easiest to the hardest. recruit, You may also like, hardenedThen, Veterans. They directly impact the time it takes for you to complete your project. Modern Warfare 3,Campaigns can affect the amount of damage and death you are able to take.

For reference, the game takes about 30 minutes on regular difficulty. Five to seven hoursCompleting the Modern Warfare 3, campaign. On standard difficult, you’ll have to reasonably use cover in combat, but you also won’t die from just a couple of bullets.

Rolling the credits will take considerably longer if you’re a completionist and want to go for a run trying to get all achievements — like the tricky Elevator Out of Order, A Shot Blocked, or Back in the Field trophies — or spend time finding every weapon and item in the open-world-ish levels.

MW3 campaign mission list — all missions and multiplayer rewards

A menu shows the player selecting the Oligarch mission in MW3 campaign.

Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision via Polygon

Completing the Modern Warfare 3, campaign, You must complete 14 missions to be able to play the game.. One mission, “Countdown,” is not listed in the game’s campaign menu — it follows the last one, “Trojan Horse.” The length of each Modern Warfare 3,Missions vary depending on their type.

These missions are a great way to learn what’s going on with Task Force 141 and to earn rewards that can be used in multiplayer mode, like XP tokens. The following are the instructions for completing these missions. Modern Warfare 3,Two types of missions exist:

  • Linear missionsThis is a traditional Call of Duty mission, where the only path to its end has been predetermined. Call of Duty players will be familiar with the traditional missions.
  • Open Combat missionsCall of Duty : Black Ops III – New features Modern Warfare 3,. You have goals to achieve, but how you do it is entirely up to you. You can explore the map and try different approaches to complete the mission, adjusting your loadout while playing (or replaying) based on items you’ve unlocked. You can also use Sentry Guns and UAVs, or use your vehicles.

A menu shows the player selecting a loadout for the MW3 campaign mission Reactor.

Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision via Polygon

This is an overview of the aforementioned List of All Modern Warfare 3,Campaigns. We’ve also denoted which ones are Open Combat missions, and how many items and weapons you can discover on each map. Lastly, we’ve included the multiplayer rewards you get from completing each mission:

  • Operation 627The Calling Card Breather is a multi-player reward.
  • Precious Cargo– Open Combat missions, with 21 new items and weapons (Multiplayer rewards include XP Tokens for 30 minutes or Weapon XP Tokens for 30 minutes).
  • ReactorOpen Combat Mission, discover 29 weapons and items (Multiplayer Rewards: Operator Corso).
  • Payload (Multiplayer rewards: Calling Card Ghillie Guy)
  • Deep Cover (Multiplayer rewards: XP Token 30 minutes, Weapon XP Token 30 minutes)
  • Passenger
  • Crash SiteOpen Combat Mission, discover 10 weapons and items (Multiplayer Rewards: Operator Pathfinder).
  • FlashpointThe Calling Cards Troxic Drip rewards multi-player players
  • Oligarch– Open Combat Mission, discover 21 weapons and items (Multiplayer Rewards: XP token one hour; Weapon XP token one hour).
  • HighriseOpen Combat Mission, discover 19 weapons and items (Multiplayer Rewards: Operator Doc).
  • Frozen TundraPlayers can earn rewards by playing Calling Card Skull Rhapsody.
  • Gora Dam– Open Combat missions, with 21 new items and weapons (Multiplayer rewards include XP tokens for one hour or Weapon XP points per hour)
  • Danger CloseMultiplayer Rewards: Operator Jabber
  • Trojan HorseThe rewards for multiplayer: Emblem soapy and Weapon brogue

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