Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak won’t have cross-save or cross-play

Monster Hunter Rise is finally coming to PC early next year, but it won’t let players join their friends on Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter RiseIt will not support cross-play/cross-save on PC when it launches in 2022. Monster Hunter Rise SunbreakCapcom has announced Tuesday that Switch will be expanding in the summer of 2022.

The developer got many requests for both features, but looked into implementing cross-play and cross-save, but was unable to “at this time,” according to a tweet from the official Monster Hunter Twitter accountIt is available at. While this does leave some room open for future implementation, it doesn’t seem like it’s on the way before launch.

This unfortunately means that any players who have bought a ticket will not be eligible for the bonus. Monster Hunter Rise on Switch won’t be able to transfer their data to the PC version of the game, or play with friends on that platform. PC players also won’t be able to play Rise Switch to Steam later in the year and enjoy the expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise Windows PC will release the software on January 12, 2022. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak doesn’t have an official release date just yet. It’s expected to come to Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.

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