Metroid Dread isn’t horror soup, but it’s still pretty tasty

Metroid Dread feels familiar, if you’ve played Metroid Fusion recently: sinister soundtrack and level design, a powerful stalker, a computer companion that won’t Keep your pace. The biggest difference is in the tone — FusionThis is clearly horror-focused. It is a terrible placeIt is also a lot more active.

That’s totally okay. Both Metroid games are great for their own reasons.

Then I came across an amazing GameSpot interview featuring Yoshio Sakamoto who was the director FusionAnd It is a terrible placeYou can also play a lot of Metroid games. The title was chosen because Samus is a very poor actor. By giving Samus very few speaking lines, Sakamoto was hoping to accentuate the horror — which was supposed to be the main focus of the game.

So, I was shocked. After making a large pot of soup, I thought about the problems with horror games. This is the reason. It is a terrible place’s handling of two things: the EMMI portions, and Samus’ character.

Check out the video below to see more information about this topic. It is a terrible placeThe recipe has been modified from Fusion and made an entirely different dish, which was still tasty but just wasn’t soup.

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