Metroid Dread has a game-breaking bug, Nintendo promises to fix in patch

You might be the victim. MetroidThe fear has a game-breaking bug near its ending that will result in the game force-quitting with the message, “The software was closed because an error occurred.” But don’t worry. Nintendo released an alternative solution for players who are facing the problem. The company plans to release an update this month.

You may run into this problem if you’re someone who loves to use the handy-dandy markers on Samus Aran’s map. When you’re in the late game of It is a terrible place, if you’ve used a map marker on a nearby door and you destroy that door with Samus’ cannon, that could trigger this bug and force-quit your game. You don’t have to restart Samus’ journey, though. This is the easy way to get it fixed:

  1. Start the game over again.
  2. Move the marker to the nearest door and enter your map.
  3. You can destroy that door, and you will continue adventuring.

You can be sure to check back for the latest update. Metroid Dread arrives on the Nintendo Switch, you should install it so that you don’t have to worry about this problem. The fix for this problem is simple until then.

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