Metroid Dread beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

Metroid DreadThe series is hardy and harsh, but it’s a great example of the genre.

This is how it works Metroid Dread beginner’s guide, we’ll give you our best advice to make your first several hours a bit less hard. Below, we’ll explain its genre, show you how to save your favorite items, make our best case against our lying brain, explain why stealth is the best option (until it isn’t), why your left hand is so important, and more.

Enjoy the music!

Metroid Dread It is unsurprisingly a metroidvania-game. That means you’ll constantly be picking up new upgrades that unlock doors and paths that were previously blocked. You’ll find new paths forward as well as new paths backward.

What that means is you’ll be doing a lot of exploring, finding dead ends, and backtracking.

Speaking of backtracking …

You won’t pick up every upgrade (yet)

You’re going to see way more upgrades like Missile tanks Energy Tanks than you’ll be able to reach as you play Metroid DreadThese are the best. Don’t waste your time on them. You’ll revisit previous areas as you earn new upgrades and means of navigating.

Upgrades appear on your map as you find them, so you don’t even have to remember where they are.

Speaking of maps …

Use highlight doors to discover new pathways

On your map screen, there’s an option to Highlight icons. Each time you unlock a new kind of door — like a Charge beam door After you have picked up your Charge Beam — hover over that door’s icon on the map, and select this option. This will display every Charge Beam Door in the vicinity. Often, this will also show you the (or an) alternative path.

When you can’t find the path, though …

For hidden doors, you can shoot walls

All over the place Metroid DreadAre Breakable wallsCeilings, floors and ceilings. They look almost exactly like normal walls. The only way forward is to find a broken block of wall in Artaria.

You can shoot floors and walls if you are stuck or at a dead stop.

EMMI is your match

One of the most important conceits is Metroid DreadThe robot EMMI is Samus’ stalker and hunter. EMMIs patrol discrete zones, though, so you’re not always looking over your shoulder.

If you pass through, EMMI ZoneEMMI can be a fatality that will ruin your entire day. EMMI can take you down. If you are confronted by an EMMI it is your responsibility to flee and hide.

That said …

For a split second, EMMI countering stuns it

You’ll have two chances to block and stun EMMI when it grabs you. This timing is unpredictable and seems almost impossible. To be honest it is.

Don’t treat getting captured and killed by EMMI as a punishment. Learn from it. It’s just the game’s way of telling you that you weren’t sneaky enough.

Before boss fights, save and prepare

Find nearby Stations Saved Ammo Recharge StationsThis can help you get out of your way when you’re traveling to fight bosses. Going out of your way to make sure you’re fully stocked on ammo and health and have a convenient save point is always worth the time. For the most accessible locations, just look at the map.

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